Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cousins forever :-)

Today Raya got to play with her beloved Sawyer. And they wore the matching Mickey/Minnie shirts I made them :-)

Sawyer loved his shirt. But he did ask why his shirt didn't have a "tie" on it haha. I told him that he had Mickey and Raya had Minnie, so that they were each special. He said "but I like Minnie too Shawna!" haha.

Raya followed him around like usual, gave lots of hugs, and screamed bloody murder when he left to go home. She loves her cousin.

Sawyer loves to ride his bike and take Raya "to school" haha. Raya thinks that is how she is supposed to ride the bike, and even when Sawyer isn't around she sits on the bike like that and pushes with her feet :-P

Harper was wearing the hat I made her again...too cute!

Grandma took the 3 oldest to play in the playhouse!

Brielle wasn't totally left out though. While the others all napped Grandma got some smiles from baby Brielle!

I brought back a bunch of Raya's clothes from last summer, to loan Harper. Luckily Harper's a big baby and can wear most of it! Here is Harper trying out a size 2T swimsuit hehe...she's ready for the pool this summer!! Do you all remember Raya wearing this? It was one of my favorites.

Harper was just hangin' in her highchair like a good girl after dinner :-)

Harper is getting to that perfect photographing age. Too little to run off, but old enough to sit up and make eye contact it

Brielle is at a really horrible age for pictures LOL...but I did snap one of her "talking" with the toy on grandma's exersaucer! She's still too little for it, but she kinda liked it for awhile.

Lastly, a couple pictures from yesterday afternoon. I haven't ordered a new carrier for Brielle yet (I need to get some Etsy money first since that is my "fun money" :-) ....but I did try rigging the wrap I have to face Brielle out for a little while. She seemed to enjoy it! ....the carrier totally isn't meant for that though.

....this was the end result of "Tot School" yesterday. We spent most of our lesson focusing on cleaning up :-P


  1. they look so cute in their matching shirts!
    Harper is adorable!

  2. Wow !! Do I have some beautiful grandbabies!!!
    Grama F


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