Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Damn, I'm good

Yes, I'm tooting my own horn, but you would too if you had created this masterpiece :-)

Masterpiece being both the adorable little girl AND the super cute owl outfit!

This outfit can now be found in my etsy shop (by the way, sold another shirt today! Slow and steady....let's hope :-)  http://www.etsy.com/listing/72507849/black-and-white-owl-outfit-set-for-girls

I'm charging $5 more for this set than the camo one, b/c the two different fabric skirt is a little more time intensive, and the fabrics are twice as expensive as the camo. We'll give it a couple weeks and see how the prices go over....I'm just not quite sure where my "money spot" is :-P

It even comes with a cute matching clippie

Raya was actually being a decent model for this outfit....she must love it too!

Brielle modeled today too....but not for my shop. She modeled the outfit Grandma H. had given her way back when she was born. Size 6 month and just starting to fit!

Look at those cheeks!! She was trying to eat her shirt hehe

Ya know how I said I was going to try and get my laminator out today and do tot school? Yeah, that didn't happen. Didn't even get a shower yet today haha...the girls wouldn't sleep at the same time!

So tot school became "Raya, try out this cool white board marker that Mama has never let you play with!"

She LOVED it. So much so that she "colored" for like an hour and the fumes from that freaking marker about made me puke! :-P

It became quite a mess though

And the little stinker, after I explicitly told her not too, "colored" on the chalkboard side with the marker and ruined it!! Literally turned my back for 2 seconds....

Naughty naughty little girl.

She ended up with marker splotches on her face, belly, hands....my oh my....what did I start?!

Eventually I convinced her to color with crayons....but only after I made a huge spectacle of how "special" it was to color when the paper is hanging from the art stand.

To end, I did get a couple better pics of Raya  in the camo outfit today...if you wonder why I  often take her  pics in the entryway to the deck it's b/c she wants to come outside, but is too scared of the deck, so she stands nice and still for me and is in natural light haha

The camo skirt  is a little big on her, so it doesn't look  quite as nice  as the owl skirt. It was the first skirt I made with that pattern and I wasn't sure what size to do for her stocky little frame. I made adjustments the next time when I did the owl skirt, and that one fit perfectly.

I think these pics still look ok though.

So all in all a busy, yet productive, last 24 hours! I'm still learning, but I'm very impressed with myself for learning how to use my sewing machine so well in such a short amount of time. I hope I get some buyers willing to try out my new skirts since i'm just breaking into the skirt/dress "market"!!

....with my cute little model though, the buyers are going to be mighty mighty tempted!

...and don't worry Grandma F, Brielle will get to be a model too! I'm thinking of making a coordinating camo onesie of some kind that Brielle can wear :-)


  1. Love the black and white, very sharp!!! I was wondering where my pretty little Brielle model was!! Glad your shop is starting to move items, you've got some really cute stuff!
    Grama F

  2. The owl skirt is really cute... I like the style of the ruffle skirt better, why'd you start making this other pattern instead?

  3. This one take about 1/2 the time to make, has fewer seams to finish, and overall I think it looks better on Raya b/c she kinda drowns in the layers of ruffles.

  4. It's going to be hard for me to make any money of the 3 tiered skirt b/c I'd have to charge too much. I might try again later and see if I can tweak it to be a faster sew.

  5. oh, and one more thing haha...this simple style skirt is what sells best on etsy. Probably b/c the price is right since they're easy


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