Friday, April 15, 2011

Did ya miss us?

Did you all wonder where we were yesterday? haha. Busy, busy!

We've been at Grandma and Grandpa F's today and I did take a few pictures to share....enjoy!

Here is Brielle doing her stretching routine in the morning....she always going crazy with the stretching after I unleash her from her swaddle blanket! :-)

Love those teddy bear feet :-)

Raya slept in until almost 10am this morning! I went in to check on her and she was sleeping like this:

Brielle got cuddles with Grandma over the lunch break!

Raya enjoyed her peanut butter sandwich at lunch! Her favorite "meal" LOL

We had a playdate with Sawyer this afternoon and then this evening Lee and I took the girls to dinner at Perkins (yum) and enjoyed a very peaceful meal for lunch b/c Raya was an angel and Brielle slept the whole time!

...but now it's almost 10pm and Brielle doesn't realize it's bedtime, b/c she thinks she already slept hehe.
Wide awake baby! (the camera went nuts for this picture....excuse the white out :-)

Wedding shower for my cousin tomorrow afternoon and then Sawyer's birthday party at night!

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  1. Love that last pic, it looks like a special effects!!!
    Grama F


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