Sunday, April 3, 2011

Coloring Easter Eggs!

Last year I didn't dye eggs with Raya. She wasn't even 1 year old yet and while I did know a couple other people who dyed eggs with little ones that young I decided not to mess with it! But this year I knew she'd love it...and I was right!

I bought a egg dyeing kit that used rollers to just roll on the dye. I decided that would be perfect for Raya b/c I didn't have to worry about her knocking over an entire cup of dye or splashing dye everywhere while she dunked them etc. I highly recommend a similiar kit if you have kids this was easy and the clean up was a breeze!

Raya was so excited we had to let her use markers while we got the dye ready...

Then Daddy showed her how to use the roller brush! We controlled the brush to dip it in the dye, but then gave her the loaded roller to use on the eggs....She had so much fun

Daddy had fun too! LOL

I couldn't get Raya to smile for the camera because she was concentrating so hard on her eggs hehe :-)

Prettiest eggs ever! I used some to make Lee deviled eggs....the rest I will eat as hard boiled, b/c they are actually pretty good for WW :-P

Brielle watched the fun take place...

I wanted to get one of them together, but Raya kept trying to "share" the paint with sissy, so Lee would have to jerk her away real fast LOL

Daddy's being silly!

Putting on her final touches before they go in the fridge!

Then after the mess Raya got dressed....I got some cute pictures by chasing her around and doing a fake baby cry hahaha

I love catching a "real" smile....she's my pretty girl!

And Brielle ...

Lastly, last night I made another tie shirt with zig zag stitch...I love this one!

And then I wanted to practice sewing curves/circles and since Raya LOVES Minnie Mouse and my nephew Sawyer likes Mickey I  thought I'd test out Minnie and Mickey personalized shirts. I have only finished Sawyers so far, but it turned out super cute. I looks so much cuter in person b/c the stitching doesn't show up well in the picture. I'm going to see if Raya and Sawyer can wear their shirts when I visit THursday and take a picture of them together  :-)

A close up of the zig zag...I'm so happy with how consistent I kept this, even with all the curves! I only made one tiny error in one place. I just straight stitched the letter though, b/c those are so tiny.

Oh, one more note....Brielle is my favorite today b/c she slept 8 hours straight last night....2nd time ever! :-)


  1. I think we're going to dye eggs with Kaylee this year too.
    Lucky that you got Brielle to sleep 8 hours straight. Keira sleeping about 6.5 and then wants to eat. Ahhh why couldn't I get lucky with 2 girls sleeping through the night. Kaylee is no problem. She's always been a great sleeper. Keira sleeps 8-2 and then 2-7.

    have a good weekend. love the zig zag tie shirt, very cute!

  2. When do you rest!!!! Love the eggs!!! Raya looks like she had a blast!! Love the mickey and Minney shirts, you are really doing well with the stitching!!! The tie shirt is really cute, I'm undecided on the zig zag verses the straight stitch for the ties, theye are equally cute!!!
    Love, Grama F

  3. I'm jealous of Raya, I love coloring easter eggs. :)

  4. It was fun...I haven't colored eggs in forever!

  5. i love that you had raya playing with dye and decorating eggs in a white shirt :) i can't wait to get the roller egg kit! where is it from? i didn't even think about decorating eggs just cause i assumed it was too much work, but this seems like fun!


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