Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Day

I have lots of pics from this morning at our house for Easter, but I've got these pics from my mom's camera today that I need to share we're going out of order. Tomorrow I'll share the cute pics from this morning :-)

But today at Easter for my mom's side (Lee's parents came too) we got good pics as well!

All three girls wore their matching outfits lol...too cute

Then we attempted a picture with Grandma and all four grandkids....somewhat a disaster getting 4 kids to all look at the same time LOL

At least we tried!

My little cousin helped Sawyer and Raya do Easter crafts :-)

John referred to the dining room as the "hen house" haha.

My Aunt who's getting married next weekend got to play with Miss Brielle :-)

My cousin's little girl was out like a light!

We did a pinata instead of an egg hunt---it was a hit! (pun intended)

Addie busted it! Love the expressions of everyone in the background lol

Then we let Keegan hit the empty one, since Addie broke it before he had a turn!

Raya and Brielle got great Easter baskets from both sets of grandparents--thanks!!

Happy Easter!

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  1. Great pics!!! We had sooo much fun!!The girls all look sooo cute in their matching sweaters!
    Grama F


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