Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter, Part 2

First off, don't miss my previous 2 updates from today--professional  picture  sneak peek! :-)

Now here is the second part of my Easter post  that I promised. Raya had  a blast hunting for the eggs the Easter Bunny brought. I told the bunny only to hide one bag of eggs, b/c Raya's attention span is (normall) zilch, but the child had SO MUCH FUN hunting for eggs!! The bunny ended up re-hiding the eggs three different times, and it almost made us late  to Easter  at my mom and dad's haha.

Raya was less thrilled with her Easter basket. She just wanted to find more eggs! She did like taking out her new shoes though and trying to put them on Brielle's feet--silly girl.

Brielle woke up extra early and found the first egg before Raya was awake! ;-) Then she sat back and let Raya do most of the hunting,  but  Daddy helped her find one! Brielle was as thrilled as a baby can be  about her Easter basket hehe.

I've got Etsy shirts to go make (been selling a shirt every 1-2 days lately, so not bad! Plus, the boutique owner at the mall finalized her order and needs it by next Monday, so I will be working on bday shirts and hair pretties like crazy!

....for those reasons you can pretend this update is like a picture book---you infer your own text :-P (Click each collage to blow it up and see it bigger!)



  1. Cute cute cute!!! Raya looks like she is having sooo much fun!!! That first little pic of Brielle on her tummmy is soooo you!!!
    Grama F

  2. Raya looked like she had a great time, Kaylee did too!


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