Saturday, April 2, 2011

First sewing machine creations!

So last night after the girls went to bed I spent 2 hours figuring out how to use my new sewing machine and creating 3 onesies...not too shabby!! :-) I still have some practicing to do, and right now I'm sewing on the very slowest speed, meant for children LOL....but it's still quicker than hand stitching! I'm loving my new sewing's so fun!

I made these samples for Brielle b/c  I have a lot of onesies, but in the future I think I might make more of them for Raya....Brielle is just at a bad age for modeling. She's still really jerky and all over the place and she can't sit up nicely to properly model the designs....and she likes to make weird faces hahaha. But  here's what I got:

This monogram onesie isn't one I had in my store before. It's a smaller design than the one I had previously, but I like it for babies and also I can price it cheaper for people. I can do any fabric and it looks awesome with skirts, or tutus for pictures :-)

The only thing I wish I had done differently is use solid  pink fabric for inside the "B"....I hadn't thought abouut how the pattern of the pink zebra print would blend in with the black felt "B" and so it looks a little off. But still cute, and I thought my sewing came out looking great on this, considering it was the very first thing I sewed!

But she quickly grew tired of modeling this haha

This next I made a little "tuxedo" onesie. This style is very popular on Etsy, but many people make it with fabric and instead I made it with this cute ruffle ribbon. I could do many color combos etc. and they'd look great with tutus....or this would be a inexpensive onesie that people could pair with skirts (once I figure out how to make skirts that is! :-)  Plus, many of the people on Etsy who make these are charging like $20 for them!!! I'm thinking more like $10-12, if I use the nice quality Carter's onesies. (I hate all the Etsy sellers who use the cheapo Gerber onesies!!)

^^^I love how she's holding her big belly

She apparently really liked this onesie b/c she  was all smiles!

Then lastly, I made a ladybug design. I've always had this design in my Etsy shop (I have a red and black version too) but I wanted to try it with my sewing machine. It was pretty easy to sew actually, but I tried making funky "squiggles" on the ladybug spots and I'm not sure I like that. I might go back to just regular black stitching on those. I also offer this ladybug personalized with a name, but I haven't tried that yet with my machine.

So what does everyone think? Do you like the zig-zag stitching (besides the stuff on the ladybug spots), or do you think I should do regular straight stitching? Any other suggestions or ideas? If I can find any time today I'm going to try making one of my boy tie onesies with the sewing machine. I think that one should be fairly easy to sew. Maybe I'll straight stitch that one...


  1. they look great, good job. I love the ladybug one!

  2. i can get a little carried away with buying them clothes. LOL
    I haven't started trying again yet with Kaylee, I think I'm going to do the same thing and wait till after her birthday and then do it. She is becoming more and more interested and when she tells me she has to go I take her and she gets a cookie after (that is her special treat for going potty) she doesn't get cookies other than when she goes potty. so she's catching on if she wants a cookie she needs to use the big girl potty.

  3. Very very cute!!! I think the zig zag stitch looks great!!! I also love the stitching on the spots, gives it added charm!!! Brielle is a perfect model!!! Too bad you didn't have that little boy to model for you!!!!!!
    Grama F


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