Friday, April 29, 2011

Free to a good home

You may think my title refers to one (or both) of my girls--which some days I feel like  it could! haha-- but today it refers to our house, because I am so sick of being on the market!! We had gotten kind of lax about keeping the house in show condition because it had been about 3 weeks since we've had a showing and our plan was to clean it this weekend and then reduce the price for next week. Well go figure, late yesterday afternoon I get a phone call from the realtor that they wanted to do a showing the next morning--THIS MORNING. Ugh! So all last night Lee and I had to franctically clean, mop, vacuum, dust, fold and put away like 5 loads of laundry, get my sewing room all picked up and put away, hide all the kids toys/high chair/etc., and then this morning I had to get myself and both girls and both dogs out of the house--just kill me! Last night I didn't get to bed until 1am and then Brielle had me up at 6:50am for the I"m pretty sleepy. Plus I had planned to work on my wholesale order for the store at the mall last night, but instead I cleaned so I still have 3 shirts left to sew and 10 clippies to make, before Monday. Pity party for 1 please.

And the worst part? Coming home to see that the people obviously weren't interested....basically nothing had been touched, they didn't  take any handout or disclosure statement, frustrating. Nothing has sold in this area in over 60 days....the market is sooooo slow. At least there isn't a single thing at our new location we want either. The one house that we thought might be OK (a lot of stuff we hadn't liked still, like the tiny kitchen, but it was doable) well that house sold and now all that's on the market are a bunch of subdivision houses which Lee really doesn't like the idea of. And we don't want to settle on a house that we don't LOVE b/c you will literally be dragging my dead body from this next house, because I am never selling and moving again! Ever!

Rant over. Now for some pictures :-) While I had to get everyone out of the house today we first went to the library (first time since Brielle was born) and Raya had fun playing and picking out books. Then we went to Toys R Us to "play"...not buy anything....but  silly Raya only wanted to push a stupid umbrella stroller she found (a stroller for a human child, not a doll stroller) so basically Mama looked at the toys while Raya entertained herself for an hour with the umbrella stroller LOL. Then we went to Burger King b/c Raya has never been to a fast food place with a playcenter thing, so I thought we'd try it. Well it was a huge bummer b/c they designed it so that she was too little to play on anything! The only way to get to the tunnels and slides was to climb up this giant 8 foot high platform staircase thing and Raya was way too short to pull herself up. So the poor thing sat pitifully watching the bigger kids and saying "help mama!" :-( So after we were done eating I said  I'd take her to the park instead. We went to the park near our house and she had so much fun!!!

It would have been a super nicce day, except it was really windy. But Raya didn't  seem to mind! She just ate a little of her hair :-P

She's at a really fun age for the park now. She can do everything by herself so I can just sit off to the side and let her have fun! Last year she *just* started walking at the end of the summer and still needed help climbing the stairs and walking without falling...I think we'll be doing a lot of park playing this summer!

Can you see Miss Raya?

Unfortunately there weren't any other kids there today to play with.

Sorry Grandma, your little  Brielle didn't get in pictures today....she was sleeping!

Was too scared to do the curly twisty slide until I did it first....then she thought it was fun!

In other random news, last night I found the PERFECT birthday gift for Raya! Let's everyone help me convince Lee that we need to get it for her :-P Technically we got her this dvd player for the car for her birthday, which she does like:

However I don't think it should really count as her birthday present b/c she got it way early and we didn't even wrap it or say it was for her birthday--it just showed  up in the mail  one day and he popped it in the car. THIS is what I found last night that I (I mean Raya) REALLY wants!

She would totally love this! We could do all her coloring and crafts and "games" at it and I'd have a place to store all her crayons  and coloring books. Plus I love that the shelf on top can me moved all the way back to be one giant desk or you put it in the middle and have a kid sit on either side--it comes with 2 stools. Raya and Brielle could share! It has awesome reviews too and everyone says it's really big and study and lasts for kids well into kindergarten+ age range. I tried convincing Lee last night to get it while it's on sale, but he claims that Raya's costly dress alterations used the money that he would have been willing to spend on this now I'm on a mission to convince  him otherwise ;-P You can find cheaper (smaller) desks but  I really like this giant one--We totally need another giant peice of colorful plastic in our house :-)

**EDITED TO ADD, Daddy got off work early today and was in a good mood and said go ahead and buy the desk for Miss Raya, so we did! Yay!! She's going to love it!!!

Oh, in WW news, I weighed myself this morning expecting the worst (I mean, I pigged out at Easter and the days following eating Rayas candy and leftover pie....) and to my shock and happy surprise I was actually DOWN another 1lb! No idea how that happened, but I 'aint complaining!!!

Oh, and in tot school news, yesterday (before I got the phone call the spurred a frantic cleaning spree) I made Raya this awesome icecream cone game! You can find it here:    I love it for many reasons. One, Raya LOVES icecream! It really gets her attention and we spent time "licking" the icecream, etc. haha. Two, it's really big! I printed off 10 scoops of icecream and when you stack them all up the icecream cone is about as tall or taller than you can really get on the floor and play around with it like a giant puzzle. After I printed and laminated the cone and icecream scoops I used scrapbooking stickers to label each scoop of icecream 1-10. Then I also printed and laminated the color words. How we play is I stack up the scoops of icecream in number order and Raya counts (she can't count unassisted, but if I say 1, 2.... then she'll say what comes next "3"....and she gets most of them right :-) and then after it's all stacked I give her the color words and she labels the scoops of icecream all by herself! She's really good!!!! She looks at the color word (printed in the color) and matches it to the icecream scoop. She loves it.


  1. looks like she had a good time at the park. That sucks about your house, I bet it does get frusterating! have a good weekend

  2. I can only imagine how hard it is to keep up the house with everything you have going on!!! It will only take 1 person to love the house, we just have to find them!!!! I'll get to see my girls Saturday, so my pretty little Brielle and Raya will get lot of kisses!!!


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