Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy 3 months Brielle!

Seriously, 3 months old already?!

She's growing like a weed!

Brielle can now wear 0-3, 3-6, and some 6 month clothes. Depends on the fit and brand. She's just about to officially move to size 2 diapers. She weighed 13 lbs when I took her to the doc 2 weeks ago for being sick. She's sleeping a ton better at night now. She usually goes to bed around 9pm and sleeps until 3ish (every once in awhile a tad longer) and then at that time comes to bed with me until we wake up around 7am. She doesn't nap much during the day though...only catnaps here and there. She's still nursing pretty much exclusively....she gets maybe 3 bottles a week. She has kinda/sorta laughed a couple times. One time I got a little chuckle out of her, and my mom said she got a chuckle one time too. But she loves to coo and talk to you, and she does that all the's so cute. Her eyes are still dark blue! Raya's had turned solid brown by now. Her hair is coming in slowly but surely. She hates tummy time and has shown no signs of rolling, but I don't push it. She likes to be held/carried, but does have a couple "happy" times during the day where she'll play on her platmat and such. I think I'm going to have Lee bring up her jumperoo this week too :-)

Here is a picture comparing Raya at 3 months old to Brielle at 3 months old. They are looking more and more different every day I think!! They still have many features in common, but Raya is pretty much all Lee (and his mom) and Brielle is proving to be more of a mixture of Lee and I. My mom says she looks nothing like my baby pictures, but there is definitely something from the nose up on Brielle that reminds people of me. As my brother says, Brielle kinda looks like me now as an adult haha. But comparing our baby pics we look nothing alike, so it'll be interesting to see what she looks like as she continues to grow!

Brielle, if you end up looking like me that's cool though....because your Mama aint' so bad looking (well, if you excuse my greasy hair from lack of a shower this morning LOL)

So happy 3 months  Brielle--we love you!!!!! :-)

....and in other news, Houston, we have a (mini) problem! Remember how I said I ordered the girls matching hair flowers for their pictures next Monday, and I was going to have them wear plain white clothes? Well, the hair things I ordered arrived today, and they are adorable! (and the seller even sent me a 3rd one free!) BUT the "white" felt flowers are really more off white/cream....uh oh!! So now I have 3 options....1) I could see if the photographer can just edit the photos to make the flowers *look* white or 2) I can find something different for the girls to wear or 3) find something different for their hair. Well, the easiest option I thought was to find something in their extensive wardrobes that was cream, and then got with that. But let me tell you, I apparently don't buy anything cream for them! haha

I found this diaper cover and thought it might work....but I don't's pretty big on Brielle LOL. And full outfits never photograph right on babies, so I wanted to just do a diaper cover for Brielle and then a full outfit on Raya, but maybe that'll look silly....I can't decide haha.

Here's Brielle trying out the diaper cover idea :-P

It's  got like peach and blue flowers on it. The headband  is slightly big so I'll have to pin it  a little. I didn't want it to tight though.

The diaper cover has cute ruffles on the butt :-P

Hehe...I  love  this one....she looks humiliated with her baby boobies showing LOL

So we'll see....I  might try taking  the girls for a quick Target run or Old Navy run to see if I can find something cream for them to wear. Just annoying b/c I had the white outfits covered since that's super easy....but I don't have time to order new matching white flowers and I doubt I'd find anything just in the store. Oh well!


  1. Happy 3 months Brielle! They do grow like weeds! Kaylee will be 23 months on Wed and at the end of this month Keira will be 5 months! This month is almost half way over. Brielle and Raya dont look alike. Brielle is adorable!

  2. i think the flower headband is really cute. the diaper cover is okay- it looks cute in these pics but it does look a little big and almost more like shorts or bloomers or something haha.

  3. Happy Birthday my pretty little Brielle, I miss everyone already!!!!! The flowers are cute, I agreee with Bridgett, the pants look more like pants or bloomers!!!Love,
    Grama F


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