Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Sawyer!!

Well, first off, today me and the girls attended my cousin's bridal was fun! Raya was pretty shy, but she did warm up long enough to eat a bunch of my Aunt Diane's mints--perhaps her new favorite food LOL. She also liked looking out in the back yard at all the baby goats!

After the shower it was time for cousin Sawyer's 3rd birthday....yippee! Raya was so excited. It was a Mickey Mouse theme and so Raya wore her Minnie shirt and Sawyer wore his Mickey shirt!

The birthday boy was super excited about his party. He probably asked 50 times if it was time to open presents yet haha.

Raya followed Sawyer around, as usual...

...but perhaps Raya's new favorite was Sawyer's cousin Gavin (Emily's sister's little boy, who is a few months older than Raya). Oh my, they were fast friends...Gavin would call Raya's name and want her to chase him, and she would giggle and oblige :-)

Here is a picture of Raya, Harper, and Gavin

Raya wasn't "into" picture time though...too much fun stuff to do (and food to eat!)

My Grandparents (my mom's parents) came to the is Great Grandma with Brielle

Harper didn't mind that all the focus was on big brother ...she's just a happy baby!

The birthday boy may be getting older, but he's not too old to be a Mama's boy still!

He's kind of a Grandma's boy too!!!

(Grandma F. is going to LOVE the following few pictures hehe)

...and yes, I made the pictures nice and big on purpose :-P

So at this point in the party Sawyer had to change his clothes. Why? Well, he went potty like a big boy! But not just any old potty....he pooped on the potty!!! (never happens)....and John was so excited that he brought Sawyer out to tell everyone (still butt naked from the waist down) and Sawyer stood proudly in the doorway to the garage looking out over his sea of guests, wiggling his naked little butt around and proclaiming his poop success! As we all clapped Sawyer held his finger out to John, who everyone heard say "oh, do you have a booger? Here, just wipe it on my pants" and John proceeds to take the "booger" from Sawyer and wipe it on his own pants, at which point Emily says "ummmm, I don't think that was a booger, I just saw him wipe his butt" which point John turns BRIGHT RED and basically says "so I just wiped poop on myself?.... in my excitement I brought Sawyer out to tell everyone and I never wiped him!" ...and then he turns Sawyer around and we all witness his little poop butt HAHAHA. Everyone just about died. My mom says that if we had caught this on tape we'd definitely win funniest home was just too dang funny!! ....and a great means of transitioning to dinner time! LOL

After dinner Sawyer finally got to open presents...he couldn't focus, there were so many new things! He just went from one thing to the next, so excited.

Uncle Lee got to pick out our gift this time. He got Sawyer a remote control camo truck that you drive around and "hunt" wild animals with haha. The men had more fun with it than Sawyer....They were using it to drive cans of beer around to each other :-)

Oh, and like I said, Raya and Gavin were like long lost friends. Well, Gavin has a little brother who's about 9 months old, and him and Brielle exchanged some smooches!

This picture came out blurry, but it shows how Brielle actually turned and tried to kiss him back!

Harper and Daddy...

Obviously something funny had just been said here lol

Raya and Sawyer had fun playing with his new art stand

Mama and Brielle

At the end we dug into Sawyer's Mickey Mouse cake and cupcakes...

Sawyer got to blow out candles on his little cake, and the other kids helped. Let's just say MY little piggy helped more than most haha

"Oh my Raya, I thought you were a lady....but now you're just embarassing yourself!"

Washing it down with a big drink!

Needless to say it was a wonderful birthday party!!!! .....and, tonight was bath night :-P

Happy Birthday Sawyer....we love you!

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  1. Great pics!!!! All except a few, you know which ones I mean!!! I will never forget that party, it was the funniest thing I have ever seen!!
    Grama F


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