Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I'm not religious, but what's not to celebrate when you're talking a giant bunny who hides eggs and brings gifts?! Daddy bunny got all the eggs hidden and I can't wait to see what Raya thinks in the morning! Then it's Easter on my mom's side, but Lee's parents are coming too, so it should be a nice time. Yay for family and food and little girls celebrating their first and second Easters...I just love them :-)

Today we had to run some errands, and then had lunch at Hu Hot. It was the first time we've been in public and had people ignore Raya in order to ooh and ahh over Brielle instead. Usually Raya steals the show but today everyone had to comment  on cutie Brielle!

She was lookin' mighty cute in her little hat :-)

Raya got jealous of Brielle's hat and next thing I know I hear "Mama! Mama look!" and she's wearing her very own special hat haha.

She's a silly girl

I know why Brielle stole the show today's because she was so happy and smiley! At Hu Hot she was just happy as can be sitting on my lap and looking out over the sea of her admirers :-)

and she stayed all smiles once we got back home!

"Yeah, I"m what?"

...and speaking of adorable, check out the masterpiece I created today for Miss Raya

Um yeah, I totally made that. And it's awesome :-P

If you know me, you know  I'm a sucker for the ruffle pant sets. I have spent many hours drooling over the pricey boutique sets being sold on Etsy. I have gotten Raya a couple pairs of ruffle pants on Etsy, but I"ve never splurged for a custom set--why? Because they go for at least $40, more commonly upwards of $65. But now I've made my own, and I love it. LOVE.

Check out the back...Yes, I made a sash!
 (Oh, and the sash is even haha...I tied it crooked apparently in this pic)

Not wanting to be wasteful, the bottom of the tshirt that I cut off is what I cut into strips, ruffled, and then sewed to the bottom of the shirt and onto the pants. :-) I even made a funky clippie

No, this outfit won't be in my Etsy store for the time being. Mainly b/c it's a fairly complicated outfit to make and I did it from scratch--no pattern or anything. I feel like I need to make  a couple more outfits like this before selling the, so I can work out all the kinks and figure out what I need to charge to make it worth my time, etc. But hopefully soon these outfits will be in my store!!!

I made the pants after Raya was in bed, but I had her try on the shirt quick tonight....she was GRUMPY and wouldn't pose, so these aren't great pics, but you kinda get the idea. I love the fabric :-)

^^See, the sash is even :-)

Ok, better get my butt to bed....we've got egg hunting to do in the morning!

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  1. Shawna!!!! Your like a sewing maniac!!!! How cute is that!!! Good for you!!! I'm glad Brielle is getting the admiration she deserves, she's always been my pretty, pretty, Baby!!!
    Grama F


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