Thursday, April 21, 2011

I love my laminator

This morning Raya helped me laminate a ton of printables I had obtained online from various blogs and websites....

Most of this is  geared more towards 3 year olds, but  I'm going to introduce some of it to Raya. She DID identify all her basic shapes for me today! (Circle, square, heart, star, triangle) ....she got confused on diamond and oval

I am going to hang this weather chart in her room. I added little velcro peices so every morning when she wakes up we can look out her window and decide the weather and hang up the appropriate card :-) She loves to look out the window and we sing "oh Mr. Sun..."

I love it so much I might need to *look* for more stuff to laminate! ;-)

In other news, I made up a couple hair clips yesterday trying out different ways to "finish" them more professionally, since they will be sold in a store. I think I figured out the best way to back them with felt so the glue is all hidden. I also made a few really quick ones with single rosettes, that actually look very cute on Raya

No cute new designs to share clothing wise though. Last night I worked on a paying order--personalized camo deer shirt  for Tyler in Texas :-) You may wonder about some of my design choices---right now I"m *trying* to find a niche on etsy that isn't overdone, and where I can make some sales. I've come to learn that camo stuff is popular for many people and not a ton of sellers do camo stuff. I'm pretty much the only one who does personalized camo deer heads I've got that market down and have sold many of those shirts. The owl market is totally overdone, but no one does a black and white color scheme for owls so that's why I decided to try that out. You can find 100s of colorful owl fabric outfits though, so I"m not even going to bother with that. I recently ordered some sock monkey fabric to try making a dress b/c there aren't many sock moneky outfits for girls on Etsy, and the ones that there are tend to be pillowcase dresses (which I think look cute in theory, but I've found are a total pain to actually wear and Raya hates the ribbon ties by her hopefully other people will feel the same and prefer the tank dresses I'm making!) Anyways, thats why I'm not necessarily making all things that I would personally have as a first choice---trying to think as a buyer and keep my designs low cost and low labor time!

...b/c time gets away from me and with 2 kids, etsy, tot school, moving, etc my laundry room currently looks like this:

I will say the laundry on the dryer is clean :-)

Yesterday I turned my back one second and Raya got into the bathroom drawer looking for chapstick....and somehow pinched her finger and it bled...ewww. She got her first ever bandaid

She is looking more different every day!

She tends to puke in her bumbo :-P

Good news of the day? I tried on that bridesmaid dress again today, b/c  I had alterations scheduled for Monday....and guess what? IT FITS NOW!!! Easily zipped right up, the hips are loose enough I can walk around freely, and dare I say the mermaid style is actually kinda cute now? Go me :-) It is about 1 inch too long, but sincce no other alterations are needed I'm going to just wear a small heel and avoid them altogether. Still have to have Raya's dress hemmed though.

...I should go celebrate with a cookie ;-)


  1. love the weather idea. thats really neat. high five on the dress fitting. the clippies are adorable!

  2. The hair clips are really cute!!! Sorry to hear about Rayas finger. Now Raya poses wiht Brielle and smiles!!!!!!!! The tot school supplies look awesome!!!!
    Grama F


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