Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I would have aced home ec class :-P

I present to you my first skirt ever...and it's wearable, so a success :-P

Last night I made my first skirt attempt.  It may  have taken me about 3 hours, and I may have stumbled  along the way (like sewing the skirt shut accidentally when trying to sew together the layers haha) but in the end  it turned  out to be a cute  skirt that I would totally let Raya wear in public :-)  I  want to make this skirt next  with my owl  fabric like I posted yesterday, but fabric is expensive!!! So I wanted my "practice" skirt to be with cheaper fabric.

Overall I'm happy with the looks of the skirt...

But  I"m definitely not  ready to start selling them yet! I need to practice "finishing" the inside seems so  that they look more professional. Right now they are unfinished and look like this:

Where I sewed the layers together  looks nice

And when I sewed the hem I thought I was doing awesome....here's what  I saw as I sewed it:

^^Pretty :-)

But then I turned the skirt over and saw the other  side---the side that shows haha

^^Not pretty LOL

Apparently the lower thread tension setting on my sewing machine was off. I didn't know this until it was too late. Luckily you don't  really notice the crazy stitches when Raya wear the skirt, but I definitely wouldn't sell one like this. I need to check my tension more often while sewing I guess.

It looks very cute  on Raya. I made it an inch shorter than the pattern called for , b/c  of her short legs. But I  forgot to account for her ghetto booty haha...so I  maybe  should  have made it the longer  length ....but she can pull off the short skirt I  think :-)

It looks  cute  from the side too

Raya likes it!

Lastly, here are a couple quick pics  from when we played outside yesterday afternoon...


  1. I like the skirt a lot! Wanna make one for me next? ;)

  2. Thanks!

    Hehe...well, it's a little easier making them for tiny toddler butts :-)

  3. Love those last three pics of the girls!!! Brielle is sooo cute in them, Raya looks so grown up. I can't get over how skinny Raya is getting! Just like mama!!! Skirt turned out cute, you'll get better with every project, it just takes practice!
    Grama F


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