Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lollipop, lollipop, ooo la lee lollipop!

So I think I've mentioned it before, but Raya's 2nd birthday party is a lollipop theme. How'd we come up with that idea? Well, if I had let Raya pick we'd be doing  Caillou theme I'm sure haha. But I wanted to make a cute birthday outfit and have professional pictures taken, and frankly I didn't want Caillou's annoying face smiling back at me in those pics for all eternity! :-) So instead I thought, how cute would Raya be in a colorful tutu, little matching birthday shirt (and hair pretty!) licking a GIANT swirl lollipop? TOTALLY CUTE right? that's what we're doing!

Well pictures are on Monday and I was having the hardest time finding a stinkin' giant lollipop! They were really expensive online (especially  by the time you paid shipping) and I could find any giant enough in the stores. Then my friend Bridgett (thanks!) alerted me to a new downtown candy store, where she saw big  lollipops in the window. So this afternoon I loaded the girls up and headed there....and they had the perfect giant orange and yellow swirl lollipop for "only" $ we got it and now I have the perfect prop to bribe her with for pictures :-) I even have ribbon I think I'm goinng to wrap around the stick --to match her outfit hehe

For all of Brielle's fans who were missing her in yesterday's blog update, here is a series of photos I took of Brielle today while sitting in her carseat, waiting to go to the candy store. She makes the greatest faces!

Did that suffice all of Brielle's fans? No?

Well here she is earlier today, sleeping  in her swing. I love these jeans (from our friend Emily!) and I love them so much I bought this matching short sleeve shirt to go with them, b/c they came with a long sleeve shirt and I wanted her to be able to wear them even more often haha. Too bad Brielle puked all over this outfit within an hour :-(

Seriously people, you STILL need more Brielle cuteness? Ok, fine....this is the last of what I have...hope it works! :-) Here she is this morning, covered in spit up...

She was horrified to hear that I didn't include pics of her last time...

"That makes me very sad Mama."

Lastly, here are some pictures of Raya modeling the dress this morning, after it was all completed :-) Today after getting the lollipop the girls helped me pick out some new fabric at Hobby Lobby, so soon I will be listing tank dresses in my store! (I didn't have enough of any one fabric before to actually sell dresses, b/c I only kept a little on hand for the appliques, since they are so much smaller. But I will be debuting some new fabrics over the next week or so...stay tuned! I  think I'm going to try and list these tank dresses for about $20....that's on the really low end of what they go for on Etsy, but I need to drum up some business. Things have been slow, and I've heard from other sellers that it's slow for them too....something about it being tax time and gas prices being high, etc. etc. I mean, come on can still splurge on completely unnecessary clothes for your kids, even in this economy! !! :-)

Oh,  and I  should mention that while sales have not been great, I have lots of people "favoriting" my shop and items and every day I get 1-2 people who message me about items they're interested in....but there's always some reason why I can't meet their needs. Like today someone really wanted one of my shirts in size 12 (I don't have any shirts that big on hand!) Boo.

Oh well....later gators! 'Til next time ....


  1. Thats what I'm talking about!!!! Love those pics!!!! Brielle is just getting so darn cute!!! Love Rayas outfit, that hair pretty is really cute!!! do I get some of the proffits since I supplied the vintage buttons!!! Hey where are the pics of the lollipop?
    Grama F

  2. Yes, I think that's my best hair pretty yet. It's actually pretty easy to make too! Unfortunatelly you only had 2 of those buttons, and one is now I'm not sure how much "profit" you'll get from the one remaining button haha :-P You will have to wait until after Raya's pictures next week to see the lollipop!!!!!

  3. cant wait to see Raya's pictures I bet they'll be super cute! We're going to do Kaylee's pictures next weekend!
    Brielle is to cute! Love the patch work jeans


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