Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Messy "stuff" and Tot School

So yesterday on our way back home we had to stop and get Raya fitted to have her flower girl dress hemmed. Oh my god, what a disaster. The alterations cost $80.25...like basically I bought the dress twice! That sucker is going on craigslist the day after the wedding haha. Long story short, I  thought they'd just hem the bottom. Well the lady started by pinning the little shoulder straps up, and I said "oh, you're going to do that instead?" and thought to myself hey, that's probably even cheaper...yay. Well that wasn't enough to make it short enough so then she starts pinning the hem. At this point Raya is tantruming b/c they lady doesn't just pin one section, she pins like the entire bottom of the dress (why she couldn't just do one part and then pin the rest later on her own I have no idea. She i'm dealing with Raya and not even thinking anymore about cost and we finally get done and get Raya dressed and I go to pay and she gives me the price--$30 for the shoulders and almost $50 for the hem! At that point I debated just  saying I wanted the dress back  and I'd do it myself (although I have no idea how to sew tulle, and that's what the hem needed done). Then i thought about saying "leave the shoulders alone and just do the hem", but that would have required getting Raya back in the dress to re-pin everything, and at this point Raya is running through the store like a banchee :-P So instead I just kept my mouth shut and paid....but it's annoyed me ever since LOL. I'm in the wrong business!

So after that ordeal I rewarded Raya  with a trip next door to Hobby Lobby (b/c during her tantrum at the store I was promising her everything under the sun to just stand still and be good haha). At Hobby Lobby we picked up crayons for the white board (shout out to my friend  Terri who told me about these, after seeing my post about Raya making a huge mess with the white board markers and basically making me high with the marker fumes :-). So anyways, Terri, the crayons were a big hit! Just "special" enough from normal crayons that they entertained her, and no fumes!

This is where Mama was an idiot. Instead of just stopping with a good thing--no mess crayons--I also buy her "window crayons". Yeah, let's just say those were a HUGE hit, but back to being messy hahaha

Thankfully they do wash off very easily.

Continuing the messy theme, last night after dinner Raya got to enjoy one of her Easter suckers

Which brings us to today. We've had a very educational morning! Followed by PBS tv and Raya down for her nap (yay :-)

We've built forts...

Brielle practiced sitting up (and fighting off Raya)

Yes, I'm aware Brielle's outfit is mismatched. It was a busy morning :-P

Then Raya did about an hour of "games"....she loves all her new learning stuff. Remember those Etsy learning kits I talked about awhile back? I had bought one for Raya's Easter basket? She loves it. She asks to play her "games" all the time. They only hold her attention for 3-5 minutes before we have to pick a new game, but it's perfect b/c all of the activities are quick to do ;-)

Here she is color matching---she can do this all by herself--a smart girl!

Then a fine motor activity. She likes to put the little animals "nigh nigh" in the pill box haha

Sometimes she taste tests them too :-P

And perhaps her favorite thing....putting the animals in a plastic egg and "shake! shake!" -ing them :-)

Then we've also been playing many of the activities that I printed and laminated the other day. Like I said, many are for older kids, but she does do very well with some of the activities. Her favorite so far is the shape matching--she can do this all by herself too!

She is so proud of herself when she gets all done :-)

At first I thought she was just shape matching, which is still an awesome skill to have at this age, but then I realized she really does know the shape names too. If I say "find the heart" etc. she does it just perfectly!

There is another matching activity we like too. She matches the picture to the black and white outline card. It's funny b/c she picks up a picture card and studies it for a minute and then surveys the black and white picture sheet before carefully putting the picture in the right spot. Smarty pants :-)

Maybe all almost-2-year-olds can do this stuff....i have no idea. But she impresses me! I'm used to working with struggling learners at my job, so many of the kindergarteners I worked with couldn't do this stuff....but obviously they were behind.

Then there are still many activities she has to grow into...we're going to take them to play with cousin Sawyer some time b/c they are more for 3-4 year olds....like this pattern card. She's supposed to finish the pattern with the right picture card, but right now she just likes to velcro and unvelcro the cards

Then I made 2 alphabet cards--lowercase and upper case. You are supposed to call out a letter and they can circle it with an erasable marker or place a cheerio on the right one, etc. Right now she just likes to place cheerios on the letters and pretend she's saying the letter names. A, C, and I are her favorites haha...she says those for everything pretty much :-P

Then early math--Grandma, I think Sawyer might like this math game! You place raindrops on the card and then the kid is supposed to count the raindrops and pick the right number card
(This one is obviously completely over Raya's head haha)

She does like to count the picture cards with me though...

And lastly, now that Easter's over I made Raya a new sensory tub today. It was supposed to be red and blue macaroni, but the blue dye turned green on the yellow noodles, so now it looks christmas themed haha. Oh well. Raya liked exploring in the new sensory tub--she was starting to bore with the rice one from having played in it so much

So if you ever wonder (eh hem, LEE) what I do all day and why the house might be messy, it's because I am busy teaching my little student!! So thankful to be a stay at home mommy and get to do all this with my girls--wouldn't trade it for anything!!


  1. it is crazy how smart our almost 2 year olds are. Kaylee recognizing #s and stuff, its amazing. she does really well at matching the upper and lower case ABCs and matching the mommy animals and baby animals together. my husbands wonders the same thing when he comes home and the house is a mess, I tell him we've been playing and learning!

  2. They must be at a "matching" age! :-) Raya can match almost anything--but she hasn't started recognizing numbers and letters in isolation yet. She won't sit still long enough for me to show her!!

  3. What a good mama!!!!! Those window colors look like fun, but I'm afraid I just couldn't go there!!!!
    Grama F

  4. Mom, you'd have an anxiety attack with the window crayons LOL. You know, you could get them and let the kids color on the playhouse windows though....I bet they'd like that! :-)


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