Monday, April 4, 2011

A milestone....Raya's first haircut

Raya has never had a single hair on her head cut. I've known for months now that it needed to be done (it was getting so long in the back, but still short on the basically a bad mullett haha). I had to pretty much always do a ponytail on top of her head when we went anywhere b/c just doing the hair clippie off to the side no longer looked very good. Well today I finally got up the courage...I cut it!

I was nervous cutting it right before she's a flower her 2 year professional pics are later this month. But I knew if I didn't cut it I'd also be unhappy with how the scraggly hair looked too....and I refuse to take her anywhere b/c I like to pretend I'm a hair stylist, and I wanted to try doing it myself haha.

Well, I think it ended up turning out pretty well!! I call it a layered bob look...but basically I cut off a bunch in the back, tried to blend it with the short in the front, and then added long layers all over, to add volume and also help hide any hair cutting mistakes on my part ;-P

It looks so much healthier now....but I'm kinda sad that it makes her look so much older!! My baby is growing up!

Here was how I got her to (kinda) sit still. I  sat her in the covetted bumbo chair, put on her beloved Caillou, gave her a favorite granola bar, and her most prized sippy cup :-P

Taking a look to see where I need to put the finishing touches....

Cuteness! I'm sure over the next day or two I'll  be doing little snips here and there, b/c every time it dries I'll probably see a few stray hairs....but overall not  too shabby right?

Here's how it looks from the front.

Finally, last night I made up my monogram shirt so that I could photograph it for my store with the new machine stitching...turned out cute!

This morning (before the haircut) I tried to get a couple pics of Raya modeling it. Go figure, I've got two little girls and neither is a very cooperative model for me! :-P

She likes to do the super cheesy grin now

I already posted on facebook, but I'll do the same super sale here too for my blog readers. I've decided that while I work on updating all my Etsy listings I'm going to offer two designs on super tie onesies and shirts are, for a limited time, only $12 with free shipping! $10 each if you buy 2 or more. The same exact pricing is also available  for the monogram shirt style Raya is wearing above (boy or girl versions available). I have many shirt color and fabric options to choose from. If you are interested in this sale please visit my etsy shop and send me a message--click "contact" on my webpage. I will then create a custom listing for you to purchase (after we discuss color and size details,etc), since nothing is actually listed in my store yet. Here's the link:


  1. omg I LOVE her hair!! I've been thinking I want to do the same thing with Kaylee. Her hair is so long in the back but she does have the shorter hair in the front and her bangs, her's looks like a really bad mullet. But I'm to scared to go have it cut. I love Raya's though..good job!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I'm one of those people who doesn't have my own hair stylist--I decide to get my hair cut on a whim and just will randomly walk into some place b/c 2 minutes earlier I decided I wanted it chopped off. So I did the same thing with Raya now hahaha...suddenly mid morning I couldn't take it any longer and decided to cut it off! Hopefully my husband doesn't kill me :-P

  3. Wow!!!! What a difference, you did a great job! How can a child that was sooooo cute to begin with , be even cuter now!!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  4. i love it! its a cute little girl bob. perfect. you'll be super happy with her 2yr pics i'm sure :)


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