Thursday, April 28, 2011

New shoes

Raya's new  favorite thing? These:

Yesterday when we ran to town I picked these up for her at Payless for like $10. I had realized that she didn't have any dress shoes, other than her flower girl shoes....and I didn't really want her to wear her flower girl shoes to the wedding this weekend and risk her scuffing them all up, etc. These little pink flats go perfectly with her colorful polkadot dress for this weekend, and she LOVES them. Like begs to wear them around the house 24-7 haha. At least they are cute! :-)

Raya's other love? Well, her "hoo hoos" of course! She is only supposed to have these in bed, but today she snuck them out to play. When I "caught" her she  hugged them tightly and looked so cute I had to let  her keep them :-P

Don't  even ask...

What is Brielle's favorite thing? Well NOT her big sister, who hit her on the head and left a red mark! See it?

"It's been a rough day people."

How/why did Raya hit  her? Well, let's just say the child is crazy, and anything that gets in her way is in danger...


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  1. You'll have to read Raya the short version of Cinderella and her special shoes!!!! I think it's time for my pretty little Brielle to come live with me, ( due to that severe injury!!!!
    Grama F


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