Sunday, April 17, 2011

Picture Preview

So tomorrow are Raya's 2 year pics and Brielle's 3 month pics. I'm going to focus more on Raya, just b/c  she only gets her pictures done once a year now. But I've got a couple cute things for Brielle too :-)

This afternoon I worked on making Raya's birthday outfit, b/c  I wanted a few pictures of her wearing that as I said in my previous post about the lollipop birthday theme.

Her outfit turned out cute!

I didn't make the tutu, but I made everything else. I could have made the tutu....but I was lazy haha

Raya tried on the tutu today though, before I made her shirt. It's very fluffy and cute!

I also let her hold the giant lollipop (still wrapped)'s big!

I have a smaller one too, in case she keeps covering her face with the giant one.

Then I decided to keep her shirt simple...just the #2....but I did a blue two with orange stitching and lime green "puff ball" trim in the center. It's way cuter in person :-) And then I made a fabric rosette flower hair clippie....I thought the rosettes kinda looked like lollipops!

Then I also had to make Brielle white felt flower headband (to match the clippie I made Raya in the previous entry. It turned out great!

Here is Raya wearing her white outfit and clippie. Brielle will be wearing a matching white ruffle skirt (I had Raya's white skirt from Children's place and then a friend sent me a matching one for Brielle that her daughter had outgrown. Should be cute! The ruffle top Raya is wearing doesn't really go with the skirt, but I thought it worked. for pictures b/c they probably won't be full body shots anyways

Oh, and then Raya will wear 1-2 "normal" outfits also, depending on her mood and the time we have. Other than the white skirt and headband, Brielle will only be wearing one other thing (so we can get Raya pictures)....her other "outfit" is this hat. Raya wore this hat in brown, with a green flower, for her 3 month photos so I thought it'd be fun to do the same hat this time for Brielle. But since Brielle is my blue eyed girl I thought I'd have her wear the blue flower to match her eyes :-)

Cute right?

Wish us luck tomorrow!!! Brielle has been practicing her pretty smile! :-)


  1. cute cute cute! good luck, we were suppose to take Kaylee's but the wind was to crazy today so we'll try sometime during the week

  2. I can't wait to see those pics!!! Great outfits, love Rayas hair pretty and skirt, she is going to look sooo cute. Miss Brielle looks relly good with that color of blue!!
    Grama F


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