Monday, April 18, 2011


Yes, I already updated once today, but that update didn't have any pictures so it doesn't really count right? :-)


Pukey face required a clothing's take 2 from today :-P

Raya constantly wipes to wipe "pook" off Brielle's face, even when she hasn't really puked!

Sometimes I think all the bumping/shaking Raya does to Brielle while wiping imaginary puke actually makes her puke for real!

"Seriously people, I have to put up with Raya all day long. I don't know how I do it."

Missy Moe was a woman on a mission today....nothing held her attention for long! We did some Cozy Coupe...

...and we put on some Mickey Mouse tattoos that Raya got at Sawyer's birthday

Raya thought the tattoos were AWESOME...until 1 minute later when she suddenly decided she wanted them off that  very second, and got all pissy when i told her they weren't removable haha

She got over it :-P

Lastly, I won a little facebook giveaway thingy from the lady who made those interchangeable hats with different flowers (that Raya and Brielle have both worn many times) I used my little coupon from my winning to get Raya this hat. She wasn't having any of this photo shoot though...probably b/c I had already tormented her all morning with professional pictures LOL

Hat's cute though.

Ok, now for some updates on my running list of things on my to-do list! :-)

First, Etsy news....I made a sale today...yippee!!! Things have been sooooo sloooooow, but  today I sold a ladybug birthday shirt. I feel the tides a turning....keep the sales a coming people! hehe. If you're interested, here is the listing I did for the camo outfit....I have to get Raya to model nicely for me sometime so I can add those pics--I know people always prefer to buy outfits they've seen modeled...just have to get the hell child to cooperate :-0 Here's the current listing though:  I have the shirt and skirt also listing individually in my store too.

For Etsy news Part Two, I wanted to share with you all a couple of my latest finds (no I haven't bought these things....just like them :-)
1) I think these little dresses are so cute. Crochet tops, fabric bottoms. I could probably make something similiar, but I am not good at Crocheting clothes with armholes and everything:
2) Ok, this is totally silly. Who spends this much on dog clothes? And can buy a matching shrug? Too funny!
3) I think these are a cute and fun idea:

In TOT SCHOOL news, I've been slacking the last week. My laminator has arrived though so tomorrow I'm going to try and find time to laminate some of the materials I've been stockpiling from online...I have a cute weather chart I want to try with Raya and also some number counting activities, etc. I'll share if/when I get them made and tried out! :-)

Lastly, in WW news....I've been slacking a little here too. I'm still eating healthy (well, except for like this weekend with a bridal shower and birthday party to attend!)....but it's been a little hard b/c we've been gone alot and so we haven't kept many groceries in the house and today I ate more cereal than I should...oops. Tomorrow I'd like to try going grocery shopping, but with both girls that's usually a disaster so we'll see.

That's all I have for you tonight! Oh, one last thing, anyone having trouble reading my blog lately? I got some feedback that people who updated to the new Explorer (I think that's what it was) have had trouble with my blog acting weird. Anyone else?

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  1. Oh my gosh, that first pic of Brielle looks soooo much like you in that one pic !!!! Rayas new hat is cute!!!
    Grama F


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