Saturday, April 30, 2011


What a dreary, rainy day! Hope the weather improves before our wedding reception tonight! Thought I'd do a quick, somewhat random update, while Raya eats breakfast and Brielle naps--the house is sparkling clean now so I don't really  have  anything better to do! haha.

Here are a couple pics from last night with Raya showing Daddy how she can play her new icecream game (oh, and the book was one of our library books---she loves it b/c the pages pull out and become a long parage of animals!)

Although the little stinker likes to make me look like a liar, b/c  I was telling Lee how she could label the colors and then she  did about 3 of them before turning goofy and deliberately labeling the wrong ones! She'd slowly put the label on the wrong one and then look at me and laugh and say "noooooo" b/c that's what I tell her when she gets it wrong. So Lee was less than impressed haha

By the way, in case you missed my edited update to the last entry, Lee agreed to get that art/craft table  for Raya--yay! I just had to promise to take down the pack and play from the living room, b/c he wanted to know where I was planning to put this giant desk haha. Brielle doesn't really need the pack and play out here anymore b/c she's getting bigger, so we're just going to put that back  in the storage room and let the craft table take it's place :-)

Since Brielle hasn't had a nice picture in the last couple days, here ya go

We just decided to wear this pretty dress from cousin Harper for no reason...we can  look  cute lounging on a Saturday right? ;-)

Brielle has really been moving a lot lately! She doesn't like her belly, but  when she's on her back she gets spinning in circles and *almost*rolls from her back to her belly--she just can't get that arm out of the way to officially flip. Such a big girl! She also like to sit up and hold onto my hands and then lean way back, before I pull  her up again. She has really good head control now!

Last night I was able to get the last 2 of my online Etsy sales finished--haven't had a new sale in a couple days which is actually good b/c I need time tomorrow to finish up my order for the mall store. We have to deliver that order on Monday.

To end, here are a few new favorites of mine on Etsy :-)

The lady I got that learning kit from just came out with a new kit--it seems really cute! I'm going to try making my own that's similiar, now that I have my laminator:

I've seen some ADORABLE pillows on Etsy lately. They seem like something I could make myself, so if we ever move into a new house I think I'm going to make myself some cute new throw pillows! Here are a couple I like:

There are just TONS of cute pillows on Etsy.

This one makes me laugh haha:  (although who in god's name would pay this much for a pillow?! I mean, it'd be really easy to make yourself!)

Love something like this for a kid's room:

I'm LOVING this shop--they make owl hats from recycled sweaters:

Lastly, how cute are these flower hat photo props?! Maybe for baby girl number 3 Grandma F? hehe:

Happy Saturday!

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  1. I love that little gray jumper on Brielle!! She looks sooo cute! That little Raya sure knows how to push your buttons, I can just see her messing with you as you try to get her to do her colors for daddy!!
    Love all the ideas on etsy, you could make pillows, don't forget I have all that filling for them if you try to make a few!!
    That bonnett is going to look a little funny on my grandson, I would try looking for a fishing pail to put him in and maybe a fish head for a hat!!!!!!!
    Grama F


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