Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So today I finally had my rhuematology appt. for my arthritis, since it flared up after having Brielle. It went OK. Lee took a long (3 hour) lunch to come sit in the waiting room with the girls while I did the appt, bloodwork, and xrays....it was a long day but lucky for him Brielle slept for 5 hours in her carseat....the entire drive there, the entire appt, and the entire drive back except for the last 5 minutes....it was crazy!!! I have a feeling she won't be sleepinng much tonight! Raya was good too....played and ate the peanut butter sandwich I packed for her :-)

Long story short I'm basically going to start a prescription antiinflamatory (so that I don't have to take 4-5 tylenol a day, instead I'll be taking 1/2-1 of these prescription things) and then a low dose of prednisone. I've been on prednisone in the past and hated it....it made me gain weight. It's basically the medicine that many cancer patients are on that makes them swell up etc. However, since I'm goinng to be on such a low dose I'm hoping it won't be a problem. It's the only thing safe for me to take while breastfeeding. I have a followup appt. in one month and at that time if I AM gaining weight I will most likely decide to switch Brielle to formula so that I can take a different medicine. But hopefully this works and gets things back under control! My doctor annoys me though b/c he's got horrible bedside manner (he's my only choice in the area though)....and he always pushes the medicine that I was on when I randomly developed cancer in my neck. I'm 99% sure the medicine caused the cancer, and every time a commercial comes on TV for that medicine it always says "cancer, especially lymphoma, occurs in 1% of patients" blah blah blah. So even though he always tell me (and again today) "oh, I don't think that's what caused your cancer" I just wanna scream! haha. Instead I just said "well, that's fine but I don't want to risk it". geesh. I mean, who randomly gets cancer in their neck  at 20 years old? :-P

Ok, now for some pictures! Raya's hair still looked good this morning, after waking up! Lee did notice right away last night that I cut it. He thinks I did a good job but  he liked it long....I'm happy with how much healthier it looks though so I think he'll  come around once he gets used to it!

Raya loves her new haircut though. It was funny b/c last night she was WILD, and lee looks at her and says "why do girls always act different after getting their hair cut?"   LOL....I told him "it's b/c we know we look damn good!" :-)

I had Raya wear my favorite sweater today hehe. The nurse commented on how adorable it was!! Lee said "it looks like coon skin"   ....men :-P

I keep looking at the back  of her  head to make sure I didn't miss any spots!

Giving sissy kisses

Then lastly, in Etsy news, I've been having a mini crisis over tshirts haha. All of my designs are available on Carters onesies, which I can easily find....but for the tshirts I had always used Garanimals brand from Walmart. Now I know Walmart isn't always known for quality clothing, but these tshirts actually washed up nicely for me and I loved the girl ones b/c they were a "girlie" style. Well the idiots no longer maker the shirts!! The girl shirts this year are vneck, and wouldn't be *that* bad except they don't come in all the same colors as before...and the boy shirts all have pockets on the front!! Which obviously doesn't work when I'm appliqueing them. So basically I need to choose a shirt brand that I will always be able to find/ order online....b/c changing constantly is a lot of work to retake pictues for my listings and try to explain to customers that I'm using different shirts etc. Well I found some tshirts I can order online for $1 less each than what I was paying before, but I wanted to order a couple to see the quality etc, before I decided to order in bulk for my store.

They came today and in general I like them. The bummer is that they don't have a "girlie" style....they are all the same cut of tshirt--boys and girls. What do you think?? Raya is wearing a size 3T here....I think in pink it does look girlie enough....and with my designs on it I think it'll be OK. I don't have many other options, unless I want to pay a ton more for my shirts, in which case I'd have no room for profit to get paid for the time it take me to make them!

Picture my cute owl applique on it....will it work you think?

I do still have some of the Walmart ones left to start with. But I'll eventually have to switch to this I think.

Raya liked it!

Then they also have a style like this:

I think these would be cute for some of my boy designs, don't you think? I got this one for Raya to test out....it's a little big (4T) but I think I'm goinng to make a Cardinals baseball design on it and she can wear it with Daddy while he watches the games :-)

She was yelling "stuck! stuck!" haha...she couldn't get down :-P

Lastly, here are Raya and Brielle playing with the dollhouse :-)

Goodbye from Brielle!!! (Who is sleeping AGAIN by the way. Maybe she's hitting a growth spurt and needs extra sleep. )

No WW tip of the day today....we were so busy today we grabbed McDonalds drive through on our way to the appt....let's all  pretend that never happened :-)


  1. Raya looks sooo cute with her new do!!! I really liked the old t-shirts because they did look girlie which is soo different from most plain t-shirts!! The new ones will just have to do, you have to be able to get them and make a profit. Once you get the design on them they'll be cute. The ones with the colored bands will be nice for boys.
    Love,Grama F

  2. i really love raya's new haircut. hope the prednisone works without making you too puffy/gain weight.


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