Saturday, April 23, 2011

She's mocking us all.

So yeah, Raya wouldn't  even DREAM of getting within a foot of Brielle for the photoshoot that I paid good money for, but ever since then do you think I can pull out a camera without Raya climbing all over sissy for a photo op? No! The child  is evil, she's mocking us, and I'm soooooo in trouble when she's older. Hell, I'm in trouble now. Save me.

Oh yeah, kiss all over her NOW

Oh, read her  a book like a loving sister? Sure, why not. Don't do it for the photographer, but knock youself out now!

....even when she's being loving she still scares me, b/c she'll  suddenly roll and  try to get up, and usually that involves pushing up with all her  weight  on Brielle's stomach, or flinging Brielle off to the side to make room for her own big butt :-p

And all the above pictures  were taken yesterday afternoon, but she sure did do the same thing today....she knows it's driving me nuts LOL

"What Mama? I absolutely love posing with sissy! ....when I feel  like it, no one is asking me too, and when i know it's driving you so crazy!"

"mama, is she going to roll on me again?"

We got this little nap mat as a hand-me-down from my Aunt. Raya loves to play "nigh nigh" on it and have me cover her up haha. Today Brielle played along....she even fake slept for a second!

"Aww, did Brielle go nigh nigh?"

"PEEK! Just kidding, I'm awake!"


Lastly, my friend from my old job has  a little girl who's about 9 months old I think, and I told her I'd make a sample in her daughter's size since my girls don't need all these outfits! Well, when I asked for inspiration she said her daughter loved funny is that!? :-) Since I didn't have  any ideas for a giraffe skirt outfit I decided  to make up a onesie instead. Would you believe I just happened to have this giraffe print felt laying around? I did! Now I can offer a totally cute giraffe onesie that would be a perfect option for gender neutral baby shower gifts!! ...or add a bow to girlie it up of course :-P Here's the listing in my store:  Love it!

So then I've had an idea for awhile now to make a vintage inspired outfit. The vintage look can be quite popular on Etsy....a lot of mom's looking for throwback outfits and not the modern looking outfits. So I came up with this little number. It's pretty taste specific, so I hope my friend likes it! Otherwise Brielle will rock the look I'm sure :-) Grandma F., I would think this would be right up your alley. I do love the way it turned out!

....and guess who sold another shirt tonight? ME!  :-)

Happy Easter weekend everyone! I can't  wait  until the Easter Bunny comes!

...and neither can Miss Brielle


  1. Oh I love both outfits!!!CUTE,CUTE,CUTE!!!! I can't believe miss Raya, it is sooo like her to refuse to do something you suggest, and then later do it when it is her idea!!! I'll get a room ready, I think you'll be shipping her to
    Gramas house soon!!
    Grama F

  2. P.S. My Brielle is really getting pretty!!!
    Grama F


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