Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Just a quick update today. No, still  no "sneak peek" from the girls' professional photos on Monday. I'll keep you updated though!!

Some good news on the Etsy front. The children's boutique store at the local mall is planning to carry some of my items in their store, so that's very exciting :-) They are having a grand reopening when they move into their bigger location next week and the owner is planning to carry some of my birthday shirts (variety of fabric birthday number appliques) and then also some of my fabric rosette clippies, similiar to what Raya wore with her birthday shirt. I'll be sure to share when that all gets finalized...hopefully my stuff goes over well at the mall and she will keep reordering from me!

Lastly, I debuted my first "sister set" today. Brielle got what I like to call my "scrap happy frayed ruffle onesie with applique butt" hehe. It's very cute and coordinates perfectly with my big sister set!

Miss Raya, the little shit, posed just fine with sissy today! ....maybe b/c  I bribed her with the whiteboard marker as a reward :-P


  1. thats awesome about your stuff being in a mall. high five! love the heart on brielle's onesie, to cute

  2. I hope the boutique works out and you make alot of money!!!!
    Grama F


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