Monday, April 25, 2011


The girls' sneak peek professional  pictures are up....I'm giddy with excitment, they look  great!!!

Here's my favorite  of Raya (sorry, little blurry b/c  they're just screenshots):

She perfectly captured Raya's serious look and big brown eyes. There is also a little peek  of Raya in her birthday outfit, giggling like crazy--so we captured both sides of her personality--perfect!

And Miss Brielle:

My blue eyed girl :-)

Check  out the rest of the  sneak  peek here:

It'll  probably be another week before all the other pics are ready....I'll let you all know when I get them!!!


  1. that pic of raya is adorable & I LOVE that picture of Brielle. Hope you had a great easter

    thanks for letting me know u got the socks

  2. It's going to be sooo hard to pick, they are all sooo cute! Can't wait to see the rest!
    Love,Grama F


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