Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stickers!!! ....and other fun stuff

So I know I already updated once today, but I have more pictures to share haha. Today we all went into town and enjoyed a Chinese buffett lunch (huh? What's Weight Watchers? I know nothing about it ;-)  ....and then we stopped at Kohls b/c we had a free $10 coupon to use there that expired tomorrow. Well, I was going to run in and get Brielle a little outfit for her Easter basket, since she's too young for anything else really, but Lee decided he didn't want to sit in the car with the girls (who were fussy) so HE wanted to go pick something out...alone. Yes, I was scared too. But anyways, I told him to get something for summer in size 6 month or 6-9 month....and I told him to stick with Carter's brand b/c you can't really go wrong's all cute. Well, he comes out all happy with himself and I open the bag and immediately can tell it's not Carter's ...and the size is 3-6 months!! Men, I tell ya :-P He claimed that Kohls must not sell Carter's anymore b/c he couldn't find it anywhere LOL....I'm sure. Lucky for him though the outfit is still pretty cute and it seems to run big so hopefully it'll still fit her once the warm weather least it was basically free :-P

While we were waiting in the car for Daddy to come back Raya was looking so cute in her carseat that we did a photoshoot hehe

So then after that we had to run to Children's place b/c I had a free $20 to use there (yeah, we were all albout the free money today hahaha). This time I said *I* was doinng the shopping while he stayed in the car though (it was naptime and we really didn't want to be getting the girls in and out). So anyways, I had fun shopping there and even got Raya her first pair of flip flops for $3 haha.

When we got home the girls napped and I tried out a tie applique shirt. I tried a straight stitch (white thread) but now I'm wondering if the zig zag would be better LOL...I think I'm going to make another tie with a zig zag. I made the entire shirt start to finish in like 30 minutes though, which is much faster than with the yay!

Then tonight I had to laugh b/c every time I laid Brielle down she lifted her skirt up!!!! She's really into finding her hands and sucking on them etc. right now....and so she obviously tries to grab/eat her skirt too....but I love the look on her face here, with the skirt hiked up :-P

Oops, sorry...I should have warned you that an insane amount of cuteness was ahead....although I'm sure you've come to expect it now on this blog :-)

She was being so damn camera wouldn't leave her alone!

Daddy's outfit choice :-P Like I said, at least it looks to run quite first I was like oh no, a 3-6 month will never fit come warm weather!! But I think this one will  (in case you can't tell, it's little shorts overalls)

Bumbo time!

"Oh mom, you're embarassing me!"
 Lastly, Daddy invented his own "Tot school" activity tonight....I think it was a fine motor skill activity involving stickers and Raya's face! :-)

"Hey Raya, did you know you had a sticker on your head?!"

"What sticker?!"


  1. Looks like Lee did a great job picking out the outfit!!! Very Cute! Sounds like the time he said walmart didn't carry replacement burners for your stove anymore!!!!! Gotta love men!!!
    My Brielle is just too cute and her big sis is a doll!!
    Grama F

  2. PS I think the plain stitching looks best with that tie material since it already has a stitching like design on it, it might be too busy with the zig zag, I would have to see them side by side to decide!!! Great job, I wish I had that new machine!!!
    Love, Grama F


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