Sunday, April 10, 2011

Too Damn HOT!

Everyone knows I'm a big baby about the heat. I honestly don't tolerate heat well and tend to feel sick and pass out...ugh. I LOVE the 60-70 degree weather, but today it's stinkin' hot here! It's like 80 something and humid. If we had dry heat that'd be one thing, but Iowa heat leaves you dripping with sweat and it's just all around yucky.

The good thing though? Seeing my girl in a sundress, capris, and a sunhat. So cute!

Being silly with Grandma

Miss Brielle had fun rocking a onesie and legwarmers look, in this warm weather

Before it got way too hot my mom and I took the girls for a walk this morning. Brielle wasn't a fan at first

But once we got her situated just right with mer paci we were good to go

After our walk Raya INSISTED on helping Grandma pooper-scoop haha

Raya is loving that it's playhouse weather!!

Goin' in! Check out her big old booty :-P

Then she played in the garage a little while. She's a busy "mom" on the go LOL

Don't worry Raya, I have days like that too! Dang kids crying and then your diaper bag spills all over :-P

I think she looks so pretty in this one....looks like she should be a little girl living in the Hamptons or something hehe

And lastly, Brielle and Grandma :-)


  1. i like raya's dress/top. also that little sun hat is cute on brielle.

  2. I love the black and white pic of Brielle and me,
    the one with Raya and the stroller is just precious!!!
    Grama F


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