Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Two peas in a pod

I've discovered another reason why I love having two girls....I can refer to them as "the girls" !! haha.  I"m always saying, "Lee, go get ____ for the girls"  etc. etc. and I love it!

I can also do photoshoots with "the girls" and have them in cute matching outfits.....and watch Raya giggle uncontrollably while she rocks back and forth with Brielle trying to sing "rock a bye baby" like I do to her at bedtime :-)

Brielle might not know it yet, but  her and her big sister are going to be buds...I can already sense they're two peas in a pod :-)

I can't wait until Brielle is old enough to giggle right along with Raya! ....although she still might not find being tossed around like a doll anything to giggle about :-p

When they have their pictures taken at the end of the month I"m going to try getting one of them together. I'm going to keep it simple--have them wear white and I ordered them matching white flowers for their hair (Raya's on a clippie and Brielle's on a headband) . I really hope I can get one good one of them together, but man, having them this close in age makes it difficult to photograph them b/c Raya isn't old enough to truly hold her and Brielle is still very wobbly herself!

But bless her little heart, Raya tries her best to be a nice big sissy!

....can't wait to see them grow up together!!

My little Thing 1...

...and Thing 2!

And lastly, I made up one  of my owl designs on that pink shirt. I think it looks nice...just have to personalize it now with Raya's name, since most of the people who bought it in the past wanted it personalized.

Now off to clean house (in case we have a showing this weekend) and then maybe after naps we will be able to go outside and enjoy the weather for a little bit!


  1. that big picture of Raya and Brielle is precious!! Kaylee & Keira are the same way. The shirt is to cute.

  2. aw cute, too bad you can't really see the true cuteness of the shirt itself.:p i like the big pic of the girls together as well.

  3. Yeah, they are both horrible shirt models LOL. Brielle is too "floppy" to show the front of her shirts, and Raya won't sit still long enough!! ...and if she does she ends up putting her hand over the front :-P

  4. Oh my gosh, that last pic of the girls is soooo adorable, also the one right after that of Raya!!!!! You need to get me pics of those so I can have them printed and blown up, I love them!!! I just can't get over how old Raya looks now!!! That makes me very sad, I want her to stay little for a while!!
    Grama F


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