Monday, April 11, 2011


Crisis averted (read my previous entry if you don't know what the crisis was haha)

I ended up recreating the hair pretty  myselk, since I had true white felt. You know how some musicians play by ear? Well apparently I can craft by eye :-P

Looks pretty similar right?

I made mine a little smaller, b/c I thought this size looked a little better on Raya's head.

If I would have known you could make the stupid thing in 15 minutes I would have done it myself to begin with LOL.

Next up in my crafting adventures, making a 3 tier skirt for Raya out of this

...and making legwarmers out of these ($2 each at Target)


  1. I'll be going to Target to get some socks to send to you. I couldn't find any at WalMart when I was just there. The tier skirt looks like it's going to be super cute!

  2. The flowers turned out great, they look just as good as the ones you bought!!! The socks will make cute leg warmers, can't wait to see the girls pics!!!
    Grama F


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