Wednesday, April 20, 2011

yes, my kid's a monster

So my photographer must officially think Miss Raya is a complete monster. The photographer posted someone else's sneak peek today on her blog....this family has an 18 month old (yes, only 18 months!) and a newborn. Seriously, check out the last picture....the 18 month old holding the baby so nice--cutest picture ever!

....and what I can assume was only days later is when my hell child came....and we tried to get her to even lay within a foot of Brielle and all she did was scream "NOOOOOOOO!"

Where did I go wrong ?! hahah

Here is where you can see the well behaved older sibling....not Raya :-P


  1. I know what you mean. I wanted a picture just like that one of Kaylee holding Keira. Kaylee wouldn't have anything to do with it! Maybe I'll give it a try now.

  2. You've got to admit those little boys are adorable!!!!!

    Grama F

  3. Yes, the boys were cute...but did you notice that even the big brother wasn't wearing clothes? See, his mom thinks boy clothes are boring too! :-)

    I can't subject Brielle to even attempting a pose like that. Raya would probably fake like she was being nice and then throw her off!


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