Wednesday, May 11, 2011

4 months old

Today Brielle is 4 months old! And yes faithful followers, that means a sock monkey photoshoot! :-)

She was all smiles today!

At 4 months old Brielle is becoming a fun baby! (Well, except when it's something that involves the carseat and traveling haha). Her  schedule right now is she goes to bed by 8pm, sleeps until 2-3am usually (sometimes up sooner, sometimes I get lucky and she'll sleep until 5am!)....she eats whenever she gets up in the night and then spends the remainder of the night in bed with me. I'm wanting to stop that b/c she's going to be rolling soon and I know it's not the safest, but it's so much easier for me to just plop her in bed and go back to sleep while she eats. I'm the one who needs to break that habit ;-p

She smiles all the time now! She's so stinkin' cute. She loves to giggle and laugh. She's not rolling over, but she is very close it seems. When on her back she will spin in circles from all her wiggling and get herself all the way over on her side....if she could  just get her arm out of the way she'd roll over! She's getting a little better about being on her tummy, but still won't do it for very long. She's almost ready to move to size 3 diapers I think. She's currently wearing 3 or 6 month clothes, some 9 month pjs. I don't think her 6 month stuff will fit very long though---she's growing fast!!! Her eyes are still blue, her hair is coming in, but still not enough to hold a clippie  in for very long...soon though! No idea about  her  weight and height, but she has her 4 month appt. on Tuesday so we'll find out then.

Overall a cute, happy baby girl.....I'm a lucky Mama!

All smiled out :-P
Other than that, today I took some pictures of my train shirt before I sent it out. I'm trying to slowly revamp the pictures in my store to be more eye catching so I have a little photo spot set up in the back yard haha. Here's a train shirt picture I took:

The shirt was for a boy with the initials "RWS" for his first birthday.

...and the back of the shirt---I  think this one turned out cute with the new machine sewing

So since I'm slowly redoing my pictures I took Raya outside for a photoshoot in one of my previous creations. She did OK.

That's all for today. Happy 4 months Brielle--I love you so much!!


  1. Happy 4 Months Brielle! She is just to cute. The train shirt is cute, looks like a lot of work.

  2. My pretty pretty Brielle!!!! Happy birthday!!! I love your smile!!!!!!
    Grama F


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