Thursday, May 12, 2011

(Almost) 2 years old

Another blogger friend of mine did a "recap" post for her  daughter's upcoming 2nd birthday and it gave me the  idea to do the same! So here ya'll go :-)

I decided to play a "game" and randomly pick  one day each month Raya's been born and then choose 1 photo from that day's entry to share here today! To make it extra challenging the picture had to be horizontal (no idea why lol) and could only have Raya in it--no other people. This way I'm forced to break out some oldies but goodies that may not be those "favorite" pictures that you've all seen a bunch of times.


Can't wait to be able to take that "24 months" picture soon!!

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  1. It just isn't possible that Raya is almost 2!!!! It just blows me away how fast it has gone. I can't wait until her party, she will have soooo much fun!!!
    Grama F


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