Sunday, May 1, 2011

Angie's Wedding

So last night was my aunt's wedding and we had a blast! I took pictures of us and the girls before we left, b/c I figured it'd be way to crazy at the wedding.

How cute did they look in their matching outfits?! And their Daddy wasn't  looking to shabby himself! :-)

Can't believe we got everyone looking! Brielle was "talking" but I still love this picture :-)

And I love seeing Lee with his girls. The country boy holding his coloful pink polkadot baby girl--doesn't get any better :-P

I couldn't get Raya to cooperate (surprise surprise) so their pics with me had to be separate

There was a bit of a last minute dress fiasco because I went to put on the dress I planned to wear and discovered that it was noticably way too big! (Normally a good problem to have haha...but not 2 hours before you're leaving!) So I dug out this dress from 2001, undergrad college days haha (no idea why I held onto it so long, except that I liked it and I guess though maybe someday it'd fit again lol) and I sure did squeeze into that bad boy haha. I had to call my mom and make sure she remembered it and thought it was wedding appropriate because when I put it on to ask Lee his response was "Daddy likey" ;-P  Mom OK'd it though and I got lots of compliments, so hopefully it was ok!

^^This one is cute except that damn flash bouncing off the frame behind my head

Brielle looked so cute in her little  hat

Loved Raya's little shoes

Raya and Sawyer were CRAZY at the reception.  Lots of chasing, screaming, dancing, falling....

Since Sawyer is mostly potty trained now he had to keep going to the bathroom. Raya would stand outside the men's restroom and bawl and cry "sawyer!"

She also cried when I tried to make her sit, instead of running around on stage by the dj stuff

Times like this I wish we could kennel the kids! :-)

Keegan was in love with Addie (he has a thing for white dresses Emily said haha)

Raya refused to take a picture with Grandma. Stinker.

Keegan showing Sawyer his video game ...

The dance was very kid friendly, which was nice. The kids got glowsticks, which were a hit...and then they brought out cups of special snacks for the little ones--goldfish crackers, pretzels, etc. Miss Raya happily took a break to eat her snack of course! Which was great, b/c the absolute only  thing she'd eat at dinner was wedding cake haha, so I was glad she at least ate something a little healthy :-P Sawyer wasn't much better....the only  thing he'd eat of the dinner were the green beans, but John had to lick each one off first b/c they had a sauce on them and he'll only eat them plain--needless to say our dinner  table  was interesting :-)

Made Emily and Harper take a pic at the end b/c  they had managed to escape my camera thus far

Raya can't wait until our next wedding in a couple weeks. She's a seasoned dancing machine now!! (Oh, and it was funny b/c she'd keep pulling me out to the dance floor, but then immediately ignore me and only  dance by herself. She wanted me to dance too, but by myself and her by herself. She wanted nothing to do of dancing with other people--she just  spun, kicked, and head bobbled all in her own little world hehe.


  1. the girls look adorable. your dress is very pretty. Looks like you guys had a fun

    I recieved my leg warmers yesterday. Thank you again for doing them for me. They look great and I love the clippie!

  2. What a good looking family!!!!!!!!!!! The kids had sooo much fun, we were still laughing about them today!!!!
    Grama F


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