Sunday, May 22, 2011

Girls Weekend

We had fun on our girls weekend. ....except for the 3 hour drive there and back, during which Brielle screamed. My poor head. It may have only lasted 30 minutes or so on the way home, but it felt longer! Raya and Brynley had fun playing together, with some typical 2 year old fighting over toys haha. We went to a children's museum on Thursday, a zoo on Friday, played in the sprinkler on Saturday, and headed back home on are some pictures of our adventures--enjoy!

They were fast friends :-)

Equally goofy!

You can see that Raya was thrilled about this hug

Fun at the children's museum....

Brielle had as much fun as a baby can have :-)

This was really cool....they could paint on these windows!

Once again, Brielle was having tons of fun! :-P

We got one of all 4 girls...Raya, Brynley, Maddy, and Brielle!

"Come on, let's go!"

Bath time each night was lots of fun for Raya....Terri blows bubbles for Brynley in the bath so Raya is all about "popping" at bath time now!

Getting ready for the zoo!

Raya and Brynley walked hand in hand through the whole zoo pretty was so cute! They wore their coordinating shirts I made them too, so of course lots of people "awww'd" over them :-)

Brielle slept through the zoo trip

After the zoo we went across the street to a park and let the girls play. Brielle did a photoshoot with Mama!

After the zoo all hell broke loose on the car ride home. Brielle was screaming, which got everyone else was horrible pretty much

So we went through a drive through to try to calm to older kids them milk and french fries. Well Brynley passed out right away, but my chunk butt Raya couldn't go to sleep without eating those fries! She was falling asleep as she was shoving them in her face--it was so funny. Then all of a sudden I looked back and saw she had fallen asleep--french fry on her shoulder, the rest still tightly gripped in her greasy hand!

A little later we heard a crash---she lost the grip on the fries and they tumbled to the floor---she kept sleeping haha

Maddy and Brielle

Later that night we played outside and the girls enjoyed popsicles. Clearly they didn't like them.

Then Saturday we did the sprinkler ( and water hose)!

Brielle watched from the sidelines. Terri laughed at how Brielle always looks like she's praying with those little clasped hands!

Busy week ahead of etsy orders, house showing, and packing for our next trip...I"m tired just thinking about it!



  1. looks like you guys had a grea all the pictures. the girls looked like they had a blast together!

  2. Cute, Cute Pics!!!!!! My Brielle is soooo cute!!!!
    Grama F


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