Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Hungover" Mama

Still have this killer cold....ugh. And I've always been VERY sensitive to cold medicines of any kind. Well today I  tried a new medicine (my mom said it would be ok with the arthritis meds I'm on) I tried Musinex (no idea  how that's spelled!). OH MY GOD....seriously....I felt like I was drunk and hungover all day long! haha. Lee called me around lunchtime and he  could tell I was loopy. The room all day kinda spun and I felt like I was in a dream or under water. I  decided I most certainly couldn't drive the girls and I spent much of the day on the couch. I know I fed them and no one died, but  other than that the day is a blur :-P

Here are a few quick pictures...

Raya loves the desk but does not by any means keep it organized!

Remember how I said awhile back  that  my sister-in-law's friend sent her a bunch of summer clothes for Harper but they were too small? And the friend didn't want them back b/c  they only plan to have one baby, so Emily just gave them all to me for Brielle. Well this little outfit is one of my favorites from that box of hand me getting out the summer clothes!

She was more interested today in the ceiling fan than our photoshoot

Raya took advantage of me being basically incoherant today and at one point  I  saw her like  this:

At some point she had gotten in her crib and stolen her blankey, paci, and owl loveys....all of which are supposed  to be nap and bedtime toys only haha

"Yeah Mama, I dare you to come take this paci from can barely open your eyes!" 
....she has me there.

Lastly, this evening I did get some sewing done. I worked on a train shirt order and remembered why that shirt is the most expensive one in my store! I always think $28 is an awful lot to charge for a tshirt, but my god that design takes a long time to make!! I'm probably making minimum wage sewing it but oh well I guess....better than no money and the train shirts are one of my best sellers so I gotta keep offereing them!

Oh, and I wanted to share that my very first customer since starting the machine sewing has left me feedback in my store. She ordered a skirt and hair clip from me and I was nervous b/c I didn't want her to say "looks like it was sewn by someone who has no clue what they're doing" haha. Well, she left great feedback! She said "I love my skirt and hairbow that I purchased. The quality was great. NoPaparazziPlease was very easy to work with and answered all my questions promptly. I can't wait to put my little girl in it for her birthday party."   So yay, at least I know that my sewing skills are good enough to continue selling :-P

Now to crawl into bed....


  1. Maybe you should have just taken one mucinex instead of two!!!!
    Hope today is better!!!
    Grama F

  2. I hate Mucinex! I actually think I'm allergic to it. Last time I took it, I had an allergic reaction & that was the only thing I thought it could be.

    Cracks me up about Raya & her paci.

  3. Got your etsy comment. Can't wait to get the shirt! Pictures are scheduled for the 23rd and actually half of them are for a modeling contest she won :) So I'll be sure to link up to your shop (or whatever you want me to link up to) for the shirt!


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