Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mama's Vacation I had my first child free trip in months! I had a rhuematology appt. this afternoon so my mom watched the girls while I went to that and then I kinda/sorta frolicked around town pretending I didn't have kids and enjoyed some shopping in peace and quiet! Seriously, it's crazy how weird it feels to not unload kids and carseats at every stop, push a stroller in every store, try to run errands at lightening speed afraid a baby will wake up, etc. It was a nice mother's day present to myself! LOL. I was able to pick up a few things for Raya's birthday party next weekend, exchange that swimsuit of Brielle's for a bigger size, and even bought a new dress (b/c although I got tons of compliments on that dress I wore last weekend to the wedding, a tight lacey strapless gown is not the most comfy, and adjusting my bra after every time I had to pick up a kid was annoying! Got a much comfier dress today so I'm weekend I have another wedding and I won't have to worry about my boobs falling out :-)

Just a few random pics to share tonight...enjoy!

My rainbow bright baby :-)

Today I cut Sawyer's hair, with his mom's permission of course! (Please excuse my no make-up look :-P)

This evening Raya and Daddy rocked out with a piano duet

Brielle wanted her picture taken after bath tonight

Toothbrush kisses for Grandma :-)

Lastly, Raya from last night --playing the piano and wearing the "new" red sweater Grandma found...very cute! (Grandpa also found Raya something cute--a yellow tutu skirt from Gymboree--tags still on it! We will have to try that on soon too. They are such good second hand store shoppers :-)


  1. It's always great when you get a couple of hours of just mommy time! love the first pic of brielle, to cute

    yes the legwarmers are great and when I took the girls shopping yesterday got lots of compliments on them and the clip. So thank you again!

  2. God bless daycare workers!!! 4 children under age 3 is like nothing I can describe!!!!
    Love,Grama F


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