Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I had a wonderful Mother's Day! I woke up to a vase of "hand flowers" that Lee and the girls had made, as well as a card Raya had made. The little hand flowers were way cuter and more creative than I would have given Lee credit for doing haha, so I was impressed :-) They even had little construction paper hearts in the center haha

Brielle was just all smiles this morning showing off her craftiness her!

Then she got veeeeerrrrry sleepy and could barely hold her head up in her bumbo LOL

Lee, me, and the girls decided to head into town for a Mother's Day outting. I tried to get a cute Mother's Day picture of me and the girls, but surprise surprise Miss Raya was being a terror and refusing to cooperate for pictures

Check out Brielle's "little" thunder thighs!

So much for a cute photoshoot--into the van we went! Once we got into town we went to a park to play and feed the ducks and geese.

Raya ate more of the stale cereal herself than she fed to the ducks!! :-P

Now Miss Brielle, my oh my she was a Mother's Day buzz kill. She was fine being held outside, but any second she was in her carseat it was a screamfest! The whole way into town was screaming (20 minutes) and by the time we got to the park her eyes were red and swollen from all the crying!!

I still love you Brielle, but I"d be lying if I didn't admit to telling Lee that Mother's Day really should be celebrated WITHOUT children haha

Raya wouldn't even cooperate for pics with me at the park. I watched all kinds of other moms with their kids getting cute pictures, and my child ran from me and said "No Mama!"  ....gotta love 2 year olds

So after the park we had plans for a nice lunch and some shopping, etc. but Brielle started screaming again the second we got back into the van and suddenly the idea of eating out sounded like some form of extreme torture! I told Lee "Good God, just take me home!" haha. So we went home (to my parents) and Lee grilled out and we had a nice lunch at home.

Brielle continued to fulfill her role as "birth control"

But then just when I was about to lose my mind she'd give me a cute look like "Sorry Mama, I'm just unhappy but I still love you!"

We (tried) to lock Raya outside in the garage so that we could enjoy our nice lunch (after she declared she was "all done" 2 minutes after we started eating haha)

She sat sadly at the screen door and was totally confused haha

Then she gave us the evil eye, and reminded us of why we had put her out there :-P

But then around 3pm my Mother's Day got awesome again, b/c my parents got back from their day in town and offered to babysit so that Lee and I could do "take 2" of Mother's Day, this time without the kids!! That's what I'm talking 'bout people :-) We enjoyed some shopping and Lee bought me some new shirts and then he took me to Carlos O'Kelly's where I had a jumbo margharita (can't spell right now....too tipsy :-) and topped off dinner with fried icecream!! (Yeah, sorry Weight Watchers :-P)

Hope everyone else had a happy Mother's Day too!


  1. it sounds like you had an awesome Mother's Day! well besides Brielle having a screamfest.
    Those first few pictures of Brielle smiling are adorable, she's getting so big!

  2. Those pics of Raya looking through the screen are tooooo funny!!!! They say it all!!! My pretty little Brielle is the good child!!!
    Love, Grama F


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