Monday, May 2, 2011

New suits!

So this morning I took the girls into town to deliver our mall order. The lady didn't look it over or anything really....pulled  out a shirt and I showed her a clippie--she seemed happy with everything and said she thought the clippies would be a hit and she was hoping we could have an ongoing "thing" so hopefully everything sells well for her!

Brielle is just HORRIBLE when we go out though, which is a bummer. I dread leaving the house with her! Raya was generally a fussier baby overall, but she was much better running errands than Brielle. Brielle screams on 95% of our outtings and it's really frustrating! Today again she screamed in the mall and during our Target run. It's a rare treat for run an errand or go out to eat as a family and have Brielle be good. I'm hoping she grows out of it soon!!!! She just hates being awake in her carseat. You pray she sleeps and if she wakes up you're screwed. And it also annoys me that everyone always comments "oh, she must be hungry!" b/c I just want to say "No. The child *just* ate. She's just throwing a hissy fit for no good reason!"...I'm sure people are just making small talk but part of me is like "I'm not denying her basic  needs....I would feed her if she was hungry" :-P

ANYWAYS, maybe Brielle screams b/c her daddy puts her up to it. B/c if she was better then we'd be in town longer and in turn spend more money! Today we were only gone an hour b/c of her crying, and I skipped getting lunch b/c it just wasn't worth the headache haha. *But* I did find this super cool owl pillow that I just had to buy Raya!

I'd seen them before but  they  were $50 (yeah, I mean who spends $50 on a pillow :-P) but today it was on sale for $19 (ok, so maybe it's crazy to spend $19 on a pillow too haha...but it's a giant owl! :-)  ...and Lee has  been telling me that Raya needs a pillow to sleep on, and he's been folding up a blanket for under her head LOL (was I a bad mom for not giving her a pillow sooner?) so I thought he should approve this purchase :-)

Raya loves it!

Yeah, she spilled prunes all over herself at lunch. She rips off her bib---ugh. So much for a new summer shirt! Currently soaking....

She did look  presentable when we left this morning though

This is her "get out of my way, I'm watching Mickey Mouse" face

I did make one other purchase while out today (yeah yeah....well the girls needed swimsuits b/c the wedding we have at the end of this month is at a hotel with a pool, and I didn't have any swimsuit for Brielle and Raya's from last year are too small!)

I got these at Target

I chose Raya's b/c  I knew it would look adorable to ordain her chunky little butt with a fluffy tutu haha....I was right :-)

She will kill me for this photo later...

And then for Brielle I wanted something that wouldn't clash with Raya's (photo ops of course!) and I liked this one with the ruffles up by the neck. However, I HATE Target swimsuit sizing! This is a size 12 month suit and still kinda small on Brielle!!! I think I'm going to try and exchange it for a size 18 month--at this rate I should have kept the ones I gave Harper I guess haha. I got Raya a size 4T and that seems to be good for her

Sisterly swimsuit love :-)

Oh, and PS, the rest of their professional photos are ready!!! I'll do another update for those next...


  1. love the swimsuits! I need to get ones for Kaylee & Keira. Kaylee's 2t swimsuits are to big on Keira so I'll need to get Keira a 18month one & 3t for Kaylee.

  2. very cute swimsuits, i'm jealous of raya's ability to wear that tutu. i don't think i could pull that one off...;)

  3. Yeah, the tutu with her thunder thighs is something only a 2 year old can pull off I think haha


  4. My Brielle looks sooo cute in that suit!!! Rayas is to die for, she will kill you some day for those pics!!!!
    Grama F


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