Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nothin' New

So yesterday I took the girls into town to pick up Raya's flower girl dress (which they made a big production over of course, b/c I had 2 crying kids at nap time and decided to try and pick the dress up 30 minutes early, and they were adament that I wait until my appt. to try it on her and make sure it fit and finally I was like "I am not going to entertain a toddler at nap time for 30 minutes--just give me the dress, it'll be fine!" So yeah, got it finally, it's fine, we're good to go.) We came home after that b/c Brielle (as usual) was throwing hissy fits left and right b/c she seems to hate her carseat, unless she's asleep in it. Trips like that make me question my plan to have one more kid haha--I may have been insane to have 2! :-P

Today my mom is working this morning but then this afternoon we are making mints for the wedding at the end of the month. We'll see if Lee can watch the girls for a few hours without complaining!

Then tomorrow is my first Mother's Day as a mom to TWO kids! It's crazy to think that I now have 2 kids...I"m old :-) I told Lee I didn't want him spending money on me, which I'm pretty sure he heard "don't do anything" we'll see what tomorrow brings!  I'm *hoping* he's smart enough to figure out that don't spend money on me really means I'm expecting him to at least plan something free---ya know, like have Raya make me a card or something.

Other than that the only other news is that I think I"m getting sick---just great! I've had a sore throat for a couple days now and cant figure out if I"m getting a cold or just allergic to something at my parents' house. When we stay here we sleep in the basement bedroom, so it's possible that maybe it's a little damp down there or something in the air ...hopefully I"m not sick next weekend for Raya's birthday party!

To end, here are a few pics from yesterday...

Raya and Grandpa "picked" some flowering bush branch thingy on their walk I guess--so Brielle posed by it haha

...then Brielle pooped on herself before we even made it out the door, so an outfit change took place!

Raya was kind of a brat yesterday lol. Lots of power struggles. For an example she threw a tantrum about eating breakfast and wouldn't do so until baby Michael was sitting next to her--so there was a dramatic production made of putting him at the table LOL

All is right with the world now....

Another example of her attitude was last night it was right before bedtime and Raya started whining for milk. Grandma told her "no, you can have water, but no milk this late"...which is always our rule. Well that little stinker quick got into the fridge and pulled out her milk sippy cup! It only had a tiny drink left in it so Grandma just ignored her and figured she'd let her have the tiny sip. Well Raya drank that little tiny bit and then looked at Grandma and did a super loud "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" know, to make sure Grandma realized that she had gotten her milk and that it was the most delicious drink she'd ever had haha. Then she proceeded to go "ahhhhhhhhhhh" about 4 more times. Crazy kid.

Which is why Grandma's favorite is Brielle I think! No talking back, no tantrums....just cuddles

SHe got a few cuddles in before work this morning too :-)

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms!

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  1. That poor doll, Raya loves him sooooo!
    Love, Grama F


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