Monday, May 16, 2011

The party aftermath

It's official. We should take back all of Raya's birthday presents because her favorite toy by far are the balloon party decorations! We got back home today and she took those balloons for "walks" around the house all afternoon haha

She was also very happy to be home and get her hands on her beloved chapstick LOL

Raya also had a birthday card in the mail today from Aunt Megan and Uncle Shawn. My oh my she was THRILLED to see her beloved Mickey Mouse on that card!

Brielle had a very rough car ride home today. I"m dreading our long drive coming up when I take the girls to visit our friends in IL! Brielle screamed pretty much the whole way home today and was hyperventalating and snotting all over herself, poor baby. When we got home I had to give her some extra cuddles to make up for the trauma :-P

I don't think she was permanantly damaged :-)

Raya wanted to take pictures with me too. I'd say "press your cheek to mine!" and she'd do this:

My lovable goofball

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  1. I think Raya just loves her home!!!! She looks soo happy to show her balloons her house!!!! Poor Brielle, she is such a happy baby, it's too bad she hates that car seat!!!Love,
    Grama F


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