Monday, May 2, 2011

Professional pics!

The rest of the girls' professional photos are ready! To see them all go to the following website, click "clients", and the password is "Brielle"

They turned out great! Not as many with the lollipop as I was expecting, but I think Raya must have been too hyper to get many good ones. You can tell in the birthday outfit photos she was being very very goofy!! I was very surprised to see that the photographer salvaged any of the girls together. There are 3 of them together, and while none of them have both girls looking I don't mind them, considering how naughty Raya was being for them haha.

Here are a few screenshots of a few of my favorites (in addition to the "sneak peek" photos I already posted awhile back)

Don't miss my other new update below!


  1. they turned out so cute, I love all her birthday ones! and the one of brielle in her hat

  2. I love all the pics, going to be very hard to pick!!!!
    Grama F

  3. these are great!!!!! i LOVE raya's looks in her "2" pictures. thats exactly what i'm doing for my raya's 2 yr pics. we won a tutu and bow so i just need to make a cute "2" shirt. but i looooovvveeee your pictures!
    and raya got the same bathing suit you got for Brielle for her birthday. its super cute!

  4. Hi!I read your blog regularly ever since I found the link on babycenter. I must say you have two beautiful girls and they look adorable in these pics. I have a lil' girl too, just 6 days younger than Brielle :-)


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