Sunday, May 15, 2011

Raya's 2nd Birthday Party!

Yesterday was Raya's party and she had a blast! Thanks to everyone who came (and thanks to my parents who hosted it at their house!) There are tons of pictures to share so I'll keep my rambling to a minimum haha, but overall I think Raya's favorite part were the balloons!!! Lee made fun of me for insisting he get some but I was right--Raya loved them. She first saw them before her nap and cried when we made her lay down....and the first thing she said when she woke up was "balloons!" and she wouldn't even say Hi to her party guests---she just wanted those balloons :-) She also LOVED the cupcakes (and the fondant lollipop toppers I had bought)....she ate way too much sugar yesterday! She was old enough this year to know what presents are and she'd open one and then start pointing for the next one saying "present"....she wanted to keep those babies coming assembly line style LOL. She loved all her presents and is a very lucky little girl to have so many fun toys. My mom kept telling her "this is all for Raya's party---it's all for you!" and she was so excited and would say "yay!" ...and lastly, she of course stole the show in her cute party outfit and tutu. Although she somehow snagged the green trim on her number "2" and unraveled the poof balls!! haha. No idea how she managed that, but luckily the green trim part stayed sewn on so you can't really notice in the pictures.

Ok, here are the pictures....enjoy!!

(The first few pics she's wearing her "pre-party dress" haha. Lee had picked this up for her about a year ago....he never buys her stuff but he saw it on sale at farm and fleet and bought it for her...he didn't realize it was a birthday outfit :-P)

Once the party guests arrived the party officially started! We kept the party small this year. Guests included both sets of Grandparents, my dad's mom who lives at the nearby nursing home so we brought her over for awhile, my brother and his family, and my friend Bridgett and her fiance Chris (who Raya is a flower girl for at the end of the month).

Brielle held a balloon!

She couldn't keep her little fingers out of the frosting :-)

We love our BIG GIRL--Happy 2nd Birthday Missy Moe!! :-)

Time for presents!

Uncle John got her a bunch of musical instruments---even a lollipop drum to go with her birthday theme :-)

Raya loved her school bus from Aunt Megan and Uncle Shawn---wish they lived closer so that they could have come!

A real lollipop from Bridgett---yum!

Sawyer was mighty impressed with Raya's PINK vacuum from Grandma and Grandpa F. haha

I think MAMA'S favorite gift was the set of 4 kitchen toys from Grandma and Grandpa F! We had tried
to get her these for xmas but they were sold out. They are really nice wooden sets that should last a long time....
and they are so CUTE! Walmart sells them online in a set of 4 and you save a ton of money compared to buying
the sets separately---if anyone is interested in them :-)

There is a toaster set, mixing set, smoothie set, and coffee maker set. Way more than pictured here.

As you can tell, the party was a success!!!!! Thanks again everyone!

And to end, a few pictures from the day before that I haven't shared yet. Brielle ROLLED OVER for the first time! She was laying on her play mat on her back and the next thing I know she's on her belly!!!

And then some pics of Raya...for some reason she loves playing with these colored popsicle sticks....she just stacks them and moves them from one spot to the other.


  1. looks like she had a blast at her party! Happy Birthday Raya! I'll be posting Kaylee's party pics later.

  2. What a party!!! I can still see Rayas face as she handed Sawyer his pink balloon, and then she clapped!!! She just adores him and couldn't wait to share her beloved balloons with him!!! Great pics with Grama Dee, we need to send her copies!!!
    Grama F
    Next year will skip presents and just fill an entire room with balloons!!!!!


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