Friday, May 13, 2011

Sisters forever :-)

So the blogger website has been having some issues the last day or so. There are 2 posts of mine that aren't currently showing up, but I've been told they'll be back if you missed Raya's "lookback" post from yesterday keep checking to see when it's back...lots of great pics! And Brielle's 4 month post was before that.

Today I just wanted to share some quick pictures I took of the girls yesterday....Raya actually wanted to sit by sissy, so I had to take advantage of her cooperativeness :-)

I think this is one of the best pictures I have of them together--BOTH actually look cute and at the camera!

She wanted sissy to come with her :-P

And just a couple other  quick things. First, I haven't updated on my WW progress in awhile....almost there! As of now I've been doing WW for 10 weeks and have lost 21 lbs :-) I'm down one size in most things, which is nice. I would still like to lose 5 more pounds, but for now I'm kind of taking a WW break until after the wedding I'm in at the end of the month. That bridesmaid dress that was once way too tight is now in danger of looking too big! So I don't want to lose anymore until after I wear it :-P

I haven't done anything fun for tot school lately, b/c I've been too busy, but Raya is learning so much lately despite that! Yesterday we were sitting outside watching Daddy mow, and she looked up in the sky and said "Look Mama, moon!" and sure enough she had spotted the moon! I've never once shown her the moon outside, so she just  figured it out from reading books with the moon in it I guess! She also pointed in the sky and said "Kite Mama!" haha...I couldn't figure  out if she thought the clouds were kites or if she wanted to fly one :-P Oh, her  other  "smart" moment was yesterday I was putting on her socks and she just pointed to them plain as day and said "purple Mama"...and sure enough, they were purple socks :-)

Tomorrow's her birthday  party! Thankfully I'm feeling much better but sadly Raya seems to have a runny nose now. She acts fine otherwise though so I think (hope) it's not going to turn into much. I want her to have fun at her party!!

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  1. Two pretty little girls!!!! I love that first pic, we need to have that blown up!!! I also love the one where Raya is hugging Brielle and Brielle has a little grin on her face!!
    Grama F


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