Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spoiled Rotten

So the grandkids have way more toys then John and I ever did as kids haha. Grandma and Grandpa like to spoil them rotten! Grandpa went garage saleing this morning and came home with a train table, which Raya loves

He also got a bike for Sawyer and this climber for the kids--it's missing the slide but was only $5 so he figured the kids could just climb on it and use it as a fort

Raya liked it, but when we tried to force a picture with Grandpa she suddenly put on her "I"m not amused" face--she's naughty :-P

This afternoon mom and I made those wedding mints. Sadly we made quite a few of them that simply weren't pretty enough so we had to eat them :-P

Bridgett, we did the best we could on colors given basic food coloring choices. We did 3 batches, and we made one batch white --hope they're ok! They taste delish :-)

Can't forget Brielle today...

She likes to eat her hands a lot now :-)

No idea why she was making this face haha

 To end, I attempted to get a pre-Mother's Day picture with my cutie pie :-)

I appologize for the no make-up thing again!

Then my mom took one of us too. Starting Mother's Day a little early with lots of baby cuddles--I"m the luckiest Mom in the world, it's true!!!

...and Lee did have some secret project in the garage today so maybe I'll get a card or something afterall ! haha


  1. love how the mints turned out and can't wait to taste them! :) thanks to you and Donna!

    that pic of you and brielle that your mom took is super cute.

  2. If Grandpa keeps buying toys we are going to have to build on, or do day care!!!!
    Grama F


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