Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer time, and the livin' is easy

First, let's just get this out of the way....Cutest kids EVER :-)

This morning Raya and I had a fun time running some errands like old times. Lee stayed home with Brielle (because seriously, I'm not getting in a car with that child!) The main thing we had to do was buy Raya some casual play clothes, because Lee was annoyed yesterday when I sent Raya  to plant flowers wearing a skirt haha. It was so hard last year when I was trying to buy ahead for the next season though b/c I had no idea what size shorts to buy and skirts are just more forgiving. Plus I love skirts and dresses on the girls :-) But I did agree that playing at the park and in the yard this summer she should probably have some shorts, so we hit up Kohls, Target, and Walmart to get some cheap casual wear.

Here are a few cute outfits I got at Kohls (The pink shirt says "blame it on my sister")

Then I got some random bottoms off the sale racks. I also got her a pair of dark denim shorts not shown here

....and I couldn't help but get a couple cutesy outfits too. I DID tell Lee she needed denim! Now a denim ruffle dress??  Probably not so much.....   hehe

When I got home Lee claimed that  Brielle had been a "hellion" the  whole time I was gone. This giant smile on her face made me think otherwise....he just likes to whine about watching the baby :-P

Then after naps this afternoon we went outside to play! Lee set up all of her  outdoor toys yesterday and Raya thinks she has  a park in her backyard now :-)

I'm going to miss this yard. Who wouldn't love playing and hanging out in a private, wooded back  yard?!

Then prepare yourself for picture overload. Two cute girls, a beautiful day, and a mom with a camera who likes to play photographer equals LOTS of pictures :-)

And then I told Raya the camera was trying to "kiss" her....and I got lots of crazy close ups that I like to think are "artsy" haha. Enjoy!

And I didn't alter this photo at  all....it looks distorted but that's just the way her face looked in this one! HA! Lovable all the same :-)



  1. Cute, cute, cute!!!!! Brielles eyes look soooo blue in that green chair!!! Love the artistic pics of Raya!!! Cute clothes, I'm sure Raya will love working outside with Lee in that denim dress!!!!
    Grama F

  2. so cute! I love that first picture of the two of them together. Brielle has such a cute smile


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