Tuesday, May 3, 2011

That's my name, don't wear it out!

Raya's latest thing is that  she says "Mama" an average of once every 15 seconds haha. She feels the need to add my name to everything she says, and it's getting a little annoying! Some of her favorite phrases are "Look Mama, Look!" ...."Help Mama, Help!"...."She's cute Mama" (referring to Brielle haha...she always calls her "cute"...I must say that a lot :-P) .... and one of her latest phrases is "No Mama, stop!" ...she was saying that quite often during our Tot School lessons this morning b/c she didn't want me showing her anything--she wanted to do everything herself! It's really driving Lee nuts though b/c she's now in the habit of saying "Mama" for everything, so she ends up calling HIM "Mama" all night too!

Oh, speaking of Tot School, is was a big disaster today haha. Her attention span was a nanosecond long, if that. She really wanted to do "games" and was begging me for them, so interest wasn't the problem....but as soon as I would get an activity out and set it up she'd do one thing and then say "all done Mama" and want to put it away and get another game out! I finally told her we weren't doing games any more b/c she wasn't playing them right---at which point she threw a huge tantrum :-P

Now to my  favorite thing about 2 girls (so far)....dressing them alike! hehe. I swear  I only have a handful of matching outfits, but it makes me smile when I get to pull them out! Today it's very sunny and I'm in a spring time mood, so I pulled out their coordinating polkadot tops  :-)

I  actually thought I had gotten them identical tops all this time, but today I realized the color schemes are slightly different. Oh well...still cute right? :-)

Raya had a sudden urge to play peek-a-bo


"save me from sissy Mama"

For our big bow lovers we decided to try on an obnoxiously large flower today haha

For our minimalists we did some pictures without any hair pretty as well ---see, there is room for us all to live harmoniously together :-)

I've always thought she was cute obviously, but I feel like she's become really extra cute as of late :-)

"Please love me, won't you?" :-)

Of course Brielle, everyone loves you!

...and we love big sister too (although I might have loved her more before she started this whole talking thing lol)

I *have* discovered something I DON'T like about having 2 kids though. Medical copays! It used to not be a big  deal taking Raya to the doctor for sick  kid visits, etc. It was worth $25 to find out if she needed meds or whatever. But now with 2 kids? Cue the $50 bills showing up for sick kid visits....yuck! Especially when the last time they  couldn't even do anything for Brielle anyways...at least Raya got some ear infection meds out of the deal.

What else? Oh, well I made a decision about which professional pictures to order---it was so hard! Luckily I get them all in a proof book  too. I  ended up doing Raya's "sassy" look on the bridge with her purple hat for her big photo (my favorite from the sneak peek) and then I did the horizontal one I posted yesterday of Brielle laying on her back in the white headband for her big one. Then I threw in a blue flower hat one of Brielle for a smaller photo and I  got a smaller one of Raya licking the giant lollipop and also the last 2 of her in the sweater. Can't wait  until they arrive and I can start filling frames!!

....speaking of frames, we need to sell  this damn house so I can leave my pictures out!! They say you shouldn't have pics out for showings b/c you want the buyers to visualize themselves living here, but I told Lee I  *need* to have a few pics out of the girls b/c I pay good money for these photos LOL. Once we get a new place I'm finding a wall to plaster with frames! :-)

....speaking of "this damn house", I just got a phone call for a showing tomorrow afternoon. Guess I  better  end this update and get picking up the house! I'm going to be  busy tonight after the girls go to bed b/c I've sold 3 things in under 24 hours on Etsy and one of them is a rush shipping order for a skirt and hair clippie set that  I need to finish ASAP. Yay for sales though!

To end, I've decided that  in my "free time" (yeah, do I have any?! lol) I'm going to make the girls some cool felt play food. They have patterns on Etsy---I favorited this one for a later date...you know, for if/when I find that free time of which I speak :-)  http://www.etsy.com/listing/70191463/felt-play-food-pattern-cookout-set-felt


  1. I know how ya feel about the whole mama thing and I agree is does get annoying!! They look cute in their outfits. The play food is so cute.

  2. Grama F has always known Brielles potential!!! She is going to be a real beauty!!!!!
    I ordered my pics too, just had to make a decision, it was hard!!! Love the play food, when do you find the time???
    Grama F

  3. P.S. I love Brielles head bands !!!!
    Good luck at the showing, this could be the one!!!!
    Grama F


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