Monday, May 9, 2011

Tutu love

First off, I'm officially sick. Ugh. This cold is killer. Hopefully I'm all better before next weekend and Raya's birthday party!

Second, we were all soooo happy to be back home today. We like the help we get when staying with my parents, but we miss our house! Raya missed her toys and dug right into them when we got home :-)

Brielle was happy too

Then this afternoon I made up a sample tutu set. The store owner at the mall had said she might be interested in purchasing tutus from me so I said I'd have to make up a sample, see how much I'd want to charge, etc. etc. This is what I came up with :-0

The tutu and hair bow also worked for Brielle :-) The bow is big, but I say "go big or go home" !!

I posted some pics on facebook and right away the store owner saw them and messaged me to see how much they'd cost wholesale. I told her and she is interested. She wants me to bring a sample by her store some time, so we'll see if I make it in there this week or not.

I'm going to list the entire set on Etsy as well.

Here are a few more random pics of Raya modeling....she made me work for these pictures!

The tutu is made with a stretchy waistband so it fits infant through toddler/preschool. It's the same type
of waistband as the one on Raya's birthday tutu (hopefully that idea wasn't copyrighted or something lol)

 Lastly, when Daddy got home we did Raya's bday gift! Lee is going to be on a fishing trip for Raya's actual bday so we did a mini celebration tonight :-)

I gave Raya a new coloring book for her exciting :-)

She couldn't wait for the desk...she had to start coloring that second lol

Then when the desk was ready we sang happy birthday to her....she got VERY shy and ran to my legs and hugged them until the song was over hahaha

The desk was a hit, but it's kinda bare now b/c I don't trust her enough to put her markers and paints and playdough etc. all out on the shelf! She pretty much has crayons and coloring books unless supervised!

She was unconventional and didn't sit at the desk like she was supposed to ....she wanted to sit on the side!! (And that shelf then moves to the center and you put a stool on each side once Brielle is big enough to make it a 2 seater desk. For now it's all Rayas

Now I need to get the littlest munchkin in bed and go work on some orders. Great time to be sick...I'd rather crawl in bed but I'm going to force myself to make at least one shirt!! haha

Happy Monday!


  1. Love love love the tutu outfit and hair pretty, I think it's my all time favorite thing you've made yet!!!! Rayas desk looks awesome!! Miss everybody but I know theres no place like home, just hope home is back here soon!!!
    Love, Grama F

  2. P.S I want 5X7s of those outdoor pics of Raya , and the ones of Brielle in tutus, they look like professional pics!!!
    Grama F


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