Monday, May 30, 2011

We're baaaaaaaaack! :-)

Long time no "see" my loyal blog readers!

We had a nice time at the wedding in Chicago this weekend (except for the car rides!). Brielle spent at least 1 hour of the way there, and a solid 3+ hours on the way back, my view from the back of the van was of Raya's ABC Blue's Clues movie and of Brielle's face doing this:

Needless to say we were ALL exhausted by the time we got home haha. My mom declared that she needed a beer when we got home, Lee was practically deaf, and I took a lot of convincing to get in a car again with Brielle, b/c I was mentally spent! I think I might try moving her to the big rear facing carseat soon, instead of this little infant one. The infant ones are nice for carrying them into places without getting them out of the carseat, but Brielle screams if she's left in the carseat anyways, so we might as well try her in the one that stays in the car I guess!

Ok, back to the wedding though. We arrived Friday and did the rehearsal. Raya was a good girl. She was walking down the aisle with me so I wasn't too worried. Then Grandma F. watched the girls while Lee and I went to the rehersal dinner. How nice to have a dinner out without any kids! We were totally NOT jealous of the other parents who decided to bring the ring bearer and other flower girls haha. Sorry Raya and Brielle, we love ya but we love dinner alone more! :-)

Then Saturday morning we took the girlsl swimming. Um, Raya hated it! LOL. She has never been in a "big" pool so I think she was just  scared. We thought she'd like us carrying her around in the water and stuff, but she cried the whole time. After 30 minutes of whining we gave up ...but Brielle loved the water! Then we tried the hot tub (Brielle watched from the sidelines) and Raya did enjoy sitting on the edge and kicking her feet in the bubbly water. We even got her to try standing in the water a couple times, but she only stayed in about 30 seconds before she wanted out again.

Here are a few pics of our swimming adventures...

Sorry Lee, you look like a dork but it's the only picture of Raya in the water haha

So since swimming killed all of one hour on Saturday my mom had her work cut out for her trying to entertain the girls in a hotel room until 4:45 when Raya needed to be at pictures! We were so lucky to have Grandma along b/c Lee never would have been able to do it haha...thanks Grandma!

Raya cooperated much better than expected for pictures. Bridgett didn't have the little kids go along for all the pictures so they just had to do a few quick pictures at the hotel, which was nice. It was so cute b/c while we were waiting the mom of the other two flower girls was taking their picture and Raya saw them posing and all on her own she walked over and scooted next to the other flower girls for a picture haha. She somehow knew she should be in the picture with them! That mom posted this picture on facebook--look  at my girl ;-)

Then I did get a few pictures of Raya myself while we were waiting for the professional pictures. She looked so cute in her dress! She wasn't being the most cooperative for me though--but for the professional pics she stood nicely next to the other flower girls and held their I hope some of them turned out cute!

This was the best one I could get with my girls....they were being unphotogenic :-P

Since I posted so much on the saga of the too tight mermaid style bridesmaid dress I thought I better post a picture LOL. I did my best to rock it out, but I still can't say it's my favorite style for a mom of 2 haha. I tried though!

This was our best family picture....needless to say Raya was all pictured out!

For the actual  ceremony Raya  walked down the  aisle with me nicely. She threw kind of a fit during the ceremony though while sitting with my mom. Apparently the ring bearer had to give her his goldfish crackers to keep her quiet lol. Then for the reception she threw a fit and didn't want to sit at the table with Lee and my mom, but instead wanted to sit at the head table with the wedding planner got her a high chair and let her sit up on stage next to me at the head table, and she was a happy camper after that! During the toast when we all  said "cheers!" Raya  screamed "CAKE!" haha....she couldn't stop talking about the cake once she saw it and she sure did eat a peice of it, plus icecream, plus many of the mints my mom and I made! She did some dancing and then around 9 or 10pm we sent the girls to the hotel room with my mom and Lee and I enjoyed some kid free reception time.

Congrats to Bridgett and Chris--fun wedding! Enjoy the honeymoon but be careful about those honeymoon babies---unless of course you don't mind sacrificing your ear drums and never enjoying a screamfest-free car ride again :-)

Hmmm, what else? Oh, well right before we left for the wedding I let Brielle try some rice cereal for the first time. The pediatrician says to start solids any time between 4 and 6 months old, but the closer you wait to 6 months the better b/c of allergies and such. However Raya showed signs of being ready right at 4 months, so I started giving her rice cereal once or twice a day after her 4 month appointment. Brielle on the other hand, doesn't really show readiness signs. She doesn't watch us intently when we eat, she doesn't open her mouth for food, etc. However she nurses frequently so last week I did attempt some rice cereal. She didn't seem to mind the taste, but couldn't quite figure out how to swallow it. I can't say it was really much of a success. I think we'll wait a little while and try again.

But here are the mandatory "first food" pictures :-)

First bite!

"Eh, I could take it or leave it Mama. Rice cereal really isn't doing it for me."

"Did somebody say 'boobie'?? NOW we're talking! Bring on my milk!"

....and the whole time I fed Brielle her rice cereal Raya watched and screamed "baby puked Mama!!"  ....b/c she thought the cereal on her face was puke hahaha

Today we enjoyed a much needed day at home! Raya helped Daddy plant some flowers in the front...

I guess while they were outside Lee had someone talk  to him about the house. It was a young couple and I guess they had looked at the house nearby that is for sale by owner, but the guy said his wife didn't like that yard very well and liked the look of our house better. He told Lee he was going to have his realtor set up a time to come through our house....maybe these are the ones! I looked up the for sale by owner house and found out it's 4k cheaper than ours, so pretty much comparable. It was a forclosure that someone redid so the inside is WAY nicer than ours. All new windows, brand new kitchen top to bottom, new carpets, new bathrooms, TWO fireplaces, etc. Basically I think that if the wife of this couple saw that house and then sees ours she's going to be very disappointed with our intertior. However that other house is right on a busy road, the outside of the  house is UGLY, the neighbors are super closer, the lot is half the size or ours, and the lot isn't wooded at all. Plus the basement isn't a walkout and it only has 3 bedrooms while ours has 5. So I think our house is still priced right, and it's just  a matter of whether they want a house that is already updated or not. Personally I think it goes without saying that the smart investment is the one that has the better lot, layout, location, etc b/c you can't change those things. They can update our kitchen any time but they can't ever take the other house off a busy road, right? The day we sell this house will definitely be the happiest day of my entire life LOL....well, after the birth of my children of course. Sorry Lee, it might trump our wedding day :-P

Ok, to end here are a few pictures I took of the girls today....enjoy!


  1. My poor little Brielle!!!! I just can't believe she cried that long on the way home!!! I hope she is recoverng at home, Raya looks like she is having a ball with Lee outside!!
    Grama F

  2. welcome back! Poor Brielle...
    the pictures are adorable! Brielle is getting so big.


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