Saturday, June 11, 2011

5 months old

Happy 5 months to Brielle today! My little 1-11-11 baby girl :-)

Seriously, 5 months already? I know everyone always says that, but it's the truth....where did the time go?!

No sock monkey pictures today. I usually try to take her pictures on her exact monthly birthday, but we're at my parents' house so those will have to wait. Stay tuned!

Yesterday I took the girls to the children's museum with John and Emily and their kids. Lee was working. No pics (gasp!) but we had fun! Then today my mom babysat while I went into town by myself (I always love getting to do that!!). Lee had to work a 1/2 day today but then he met me for lunch. I indulged in one past obsession and found two new ones. My "old" obsession is hitting up my favorite second hand store in town, which I did today. Got an awesome toy tool bench that makes all kinds of noises etc....Raya loves it but it's intended for Brielle once she starts sitting more. It was only $5! Then I found some good deal on kid's stuff....all my favorite brands like gymboree, baby gap, and even a pumpkin patch dress ....gotta love it! My two new obsessions though were I discovered a Learning Ladder store, which is basically full of learning games, toys, manipulatives, and activities! It has a lot of stuff for teachers to use in there classroom but also tons and tons of stuff for homeschooling or simply educational time at home. It's pretty pricey stuff in there so I basically spent a lot of time drooling over things, but I did get a few cheaper things there like a counting bears set, a Brain Quest set for ages 2-3, and a peg set thingy that I"ve seen on a lot of homeschool blogs--you can use it for counting and color sorting, use it for stacking toys, when they're older use if for math,'s very fun and Raya loves stacking them right now---see?

Then my 2nd new obsession is that near the Learning Ladder is a Half Price Books, which I've been in before a long time ago, but not since having kids. And oh my god, they have TONS of children's books there!!!!! I got a few things but could easily go back and spend hours going through all there stuff. Needless to say that once we move back here I think I've got some favorite places staked out! :-)

Oh, and lastly, I"m obsessed with bell bottom pants on Raya now too :-P

If you've followed my blog long you know that I've ordered other ruffle pants on Etsy before and Raya has worn them, but they've always been normal cotton fabric pants. Well awhile back I ordered two pairs of these KNIT fabric ruffle pants on Etsy, and they are the absolute best quality and nicest pants I've ever gotten her!! The sizing runs big though, so these pants (I also have them in solid brown) were size 24 month and are just now starting to fit Raya....which is good b/c she should be able to wear them all winter and then probably as capris next summer! Anyways, these pants are so super comfy looking I want some for myself haha...expect to see them often!

Today while in town I found a cuper cheap tank top and when I got home I noticed it matched Raya's pants! Please meet my new favorite outfit ever on Raya:

Raya wants to remind you all about the importance of good oral health :-)

Hmmm, what else? Well, we haven't heard anything about our 3 showings yet. Our realtor is on vacation until Tuesday, but I"m assuming we would have heard if anyone made an offer on the spot. Hopefully at least one group was interested enough to come back for a 2nd showing....I'm anxiously awaiting!! We did find a new house back home that we would love to look at if ours sells. It's pretty much at the tippy top of our price range haha...but they just reduced the price (it was way out of our price range before) and it's tempting us enough to consider looking. We're talking a house built in 2008 with the most gorgeous finishes--granite counters, stainless steel appliances, vaulted ceilings, custom cherry cabinets and trim throughout, designer floors....and Lee's favorite, a GIANT  machine shed/shop thingy for the boat and all his "toys". On a wooded acre lot in a super nice neighborhood. The main downside is it has another steep ass driveway (worse than what we have now!) and the basement is unfinished. Well, that and the steep pricetag haha. We'll see. I'm almost hoping it sells before we're ready to buy b/c then we won't be tempted by it ;-)

Wondering why you haven't had a Weight Watchers update from me in awhile? It's because I've been really lazy lately, and that paired with the Prednisone I'm on and me trying to ween Brielle to formula (more on that later), ....and I've gained 2 lbs :-(   Oh well....better luck tomorrow....or next week....or July :-)

Ok, to end here are some more random pictures from today...enjoy!!!

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  1. Hey where is Brielles monkey pic!!!!!!Happy birthday Brielle!!
    Grama F


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