Sunday, June 26, 2011


Today Lee and I enjoyed reliving our child free days while boating on the lake! My parents babysat and we took the boat out bright and early for some fishing fun.

It was a truly gorgeous day!

I caught the first fish of the day, while Lee caught the most fish of the day (although some of his were barely bigger than the bait! :-)

This was one of his better catches

We had a great time! I really enjoy fishing but it's something that is not fun to do with kids we take any chance we can to go out by ourselves! Can't wait until we move back here....have I mentioned that before? :-P

Wondering about the girls? Well, Brielle is a completely spoiled brat LOL. She used to at least sleep for the first few hours in her bed at night and then I'd bring her to bed with me, but for the last week or more she no longer even does that...she has to spend the ENTIRE night cuddled in bed with me. And she won't nap unless you're holding her. SPOILED!! I don't like doing too much cry it out before 6 months of age, so in a couple weeks she better watch out...I"m going to put my foot down! haha. I do let her cry it out sometimes in her swing to get her to take a nap, but those naps only last about 15-20.

This is how you will find her sleeping most days.

My mom said she was a very good girl today though--as long as she was being held of course!

Little stinker!

My mom said Raya was a good girl today too! When we got home she showed us how she can climb up the side of the climber...big girl!

And lastly, a little public service announcement. Always, ALWAYS wear sunscreen when in a boat on the lake. Otherwise, even if you put spf 30 sunscreen on after only one hour at 8:30am--just so you can get a "little" color-- you will end up crispy fried with your parents/inlaws laughing at your expense....

....sadly we look MUCH more burnt in person. Ouch.

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  1. This is what happens when you pretend you don't have any children!!!!!!
    Glad you two had fun, sooooon you will be back here and we can do more of this !!!!
    Grama F


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