Thursday, June 2, 2011

Brielle--The good child

So I finished my Etsy work and after drinking a diet coke I'm not tired! Which means you all DO get some pictures tonight after all! :-)

As I said in tonight's earlier update, Raya is driving me CRAZY with this potty training stuff, so let's all focus on cute pictures on Brielle today--She's the good one :-P

I  brought her jumperoo upstairs today and put batteries in it. She played in there a ton! Raya is always so interested in Brielle and really wants to play with her. She held Brielle's hands and they "jumped" together, and Raya just sat and talked to Brielle and they watched the lights flash, etc.

Then Brielle got dressed for the day in this cute little blue dress, which was a hand-me-down, but  I love it b/c her  eyes look nice and blue in it :-)

Then don't worry Grandma, for most of the day she did have a little bow in her hair!

Even though she's evil, I still  love her

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  1. Those two are just toooo cute!!!
    Grama F


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